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July 16, 2007


Brenda Awuah

I am definitely interested Michelle!! Can't wait for the first one!

Michelle R.

Michelle---How exciting for you!! Can I just give you my cc number now for a permanent subscription?? Good luck with this!

Michelle Rout


I love your style and minibooks especially! I am very interested in what you have planned!


Count me in... can't wait!! Where do I sign!

All the best,


OMG.........SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVe LoVe Love it ALLLLLL!!! can't wait to TEAR into my etsy kit that I bought from ya....a kit every month from you would be SOOO awesome! so yes, if you are wondering..I am totally interested...where do I sign!? have a great day! ashli

Brenda Smith

I love it! What a great surprise! Sign me up, getting out the credit card now... waiting for the order form... I'm so excited! I love this idea!


I am SO interested! Please keep my email in mind (then again I totally understand if you get too many requests for that) - I'd love to be in the loop for the launch kit & do my best to stay on top of reading your blog. :)


Sounds great keep us posted!! i would hat to miss out i love lil davis too!!


sounds so exciting!


the monthly mini book club sounds AWESOME!!!!!! totally count me in! i love your projects and creative ideas!! you are awesome!!! :)

Jeanine Kolkemo

way cool Michelle, you know we love your stuff and all the neat things you always use. Can't wait to see it all.


Yes, I would like to sign up for the monthly kit. Thanks for all your hard work!

Erin Bassett

Am I interested???? OF COURSE!!! I definitely am interested!! :)


I will give you my CC # right now and you can just sign me up for as long as you will do this! I LOVE all your ideas and fun stuff!

Susan Lew

I'm interested.......can not wait


Oh yes! VERY INTERESTED!!! :-)

Brandon Owens

I'm in...


Michelle, I love your kits and now that I have moved to Japan I can take your classes/Kit!!!
Looking forward to my 4th of July kit I ordered!!


So excited!! Can't wait to see what you come up with first!

Amy Tangerine

i love mini books- how cool!

Amy Tangerine

i love mini books- how cool!

maggie matthews

I cant wait...you are one of my all time favorites...I'll quit my other club right now!!!


Count me in, Michelle! I can't wait! :)

gina p

I'm in...I'm in! Looking forward to it!

Margo Wheeler

Well as one of the FAB 5 I should have the third spot in this club.

Can not wait to hear more.

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