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July 29, 2007



Yeah, we've been waiting for this - had waaaaay too many Cokes / Pepsis...


11 minutes to go....can't wait to get this Michelle..it is great...and you will surely sell out...
now I will have to find the bottle of Tylenol PM to get to sleep tonight...way to much caffeine intake :) but totally worth it!


Is it midnight yet????

Erin Bassett

Took a nap today just so I wouldn't miss this....only a few mins left!!


OmGosh Michelle!...your kit is AweSome!...i can't wait to order mines...in less than 4minutes...i'll be able to get one of your amazing kits :)


Michelle -- Looks beautiful!


Has it posted on the Etsy Shop????


Bought mine...so excited...had to eat chocolate to stay awake...now, I'll probably be up all night! Love the Kit, Michelle!


i got mines :)
i'm definitely looking forward to receiving my kit...now i can go to bed :)...because 5am will be here in no time :o)...thanks Michelle!believe me it was worth staying up ;-)


I'm soooo excited!!! I can hardly wait to receive my packet and start working on it!!!

Thank you Michelle -- looking forward to more kits/projects!!!


all ordered and excited to stalk the postman! another great project Michelle...I'd buy it sight unseen!

Kathryn Johnson

Woohoo! I got mine! SO excited! THe kit is beautiful! Now off to sleep...hey, pass that tylenol pm over here!


Yep. I'd buy it sight unseen as well. Good night all. Fun staying up with y'all..


You are an inspiration. The postman can't come soon enough, but since we are C'bad neighbors i shouldn't have to wait too long. Yippie!


Just ordered mine and I can't wait to start playing with all those goodies! You totally outdid yourself!

Anita Anderson

WOW! This looks great! I'm all about your style! Who would've thought that abstract art class 30 years ago was preparation for this? Can't wait to get it! Thanks, Anita

The glor

I fell asleep early last night than at 5am I woke up thinking Oh my I needed to get Michelles kit at midnight.I hurried down stairs and logged in and yes I got one.I am a happy camper.I am totally supportive of your individualty and talent. Thanks I cant wait to play with all this great product...Gloria ..Encinitas

gina p

WOAH BABY! This kit is awesome. I mean really...this is better than i expected. Great work, Michelle.


Oh my gosh so CUTE. Had to wake up super early so I made my husband stay up 'til midnight and order the kit. Sooo worth his groaning!! The album is super cute. Can't wait to get to work on it. Thanks so much!!!!


yeah I got one too, so cute!
Was getting ready to walk out the door to work when I remembered.
So happy today!


Wow! That is fun stuff!
Thanks for sharing!

Michele from So. Cal.

I tried to stay up til midnight....really! Lucky for me, there were still some left in the a.m. I predict huge success with this once the word gets out.



Bought mine this morning... Soooo lucky there were still some left.... I'm really excited about all the stuff you showed.... Thanks for sharing... Can't wait to start playing with it.

Samantha Seholm

I love it, off to buy mine:) I cant wait to get it.


Super cute Michelle!

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