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July 29, 2007



Love the colors and "doo-dahs" such a cute kit! Good luck, hope you get lots of orders!

Erin Cokeh Halla

love all the colors! how exciting!

Gloria L

Cutest ever!


I got one of your kits!! I have a question, Will this be an online type of class or is this a kit club type of thing. Anywho I plan on purchasing every kit U come out with. You R Great!!!


The kit looks great!


*LOVE* the colors! Looks positively scrumptious!


Thank you! I got up early and i will still able to get the kit! love the colors!!

Amy Tangerine

i LOVE the colors- so YUMMY! and the scenic route paper is amazing!


I love the ribbon as a skirt, reminds me of grass skirts for a hula skirt. :-)

Brenda Smith

Wow, it looks so great! Can't wait to play!

Heather Ales

Oh man - how did i miss out on that? Etsy shows that 40 something of them sold. Will more be made available? They are SO fabulous and I'm defintitely in love with the OA stuff!


Beautiful kit! Hope they sell like hot cakes as I expect they will!


Oh ilove it! so prety! And your presentation with the blue elements is so awesome! Good luck to you!

cindy b.

woohoo!! Looks wonderful!! :-)


totally super cute..can't wait to get my hands on one...thanks, Michelle for sharing with us again!


Your kit is fantastic, I am sure it will fly out of etsy!


girl-your august kit looks awesome!! :) i shopped while i was on vacation in indiana (after the brickyard, of course...hee!) i can't wait to get your kit, it's going to be super fun to put together!! :)
take care!


cute kit michelle. hey, i love the dress form you used. whered you get that?


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