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July 23, 2007


Brenda Smith

Woo hoo! I can "hear" the excitment in your typing! Congrats to you! I can't wait to order the product and show you the cool stuff I've done with it! I know that will be a fun treat to get back!


THis is GrEaT! I just can hardly wait to get the goodiez! They are going to be SuCh fun! YEAH! Thanks girl for offering such awesome finds!..you rock sista! ash


Hi...I am so interested in your upcoming mini kits but am disappointed in the reveal time. This is 3am for me and there is a chance I might miss the kit, especially if you made a limited #. You might allienate potential east coast buyers with a reveal time that is so very inconvenient for them. Just food for thought

michelle hill

hmmm so didn't think of that....thanx for the heads up....and THANX for your interest....:)

Celeste B.

I can't wait to see what you put together. Bookmarking and hoping to remember to get back here, but no way it can be at 3am. Hopefully you will have some left in the morning.


i can't wait until Sunday/Monday...to order my kit...i'm sooooo excited to buy one of your kits!


hey michelle-
so excited you are getting this off the ground on monday! :) i will be in indianapolis, so i hope to be able to jump in line and grab a kit when i wake up to fly back home. :) unless i stay up until 3am...hee!! you rock! talk to you soon!


can't wait to see the sneak peeks and I will be up and waiting for the clock to hit midnight! :)


Congrats Michelle!!!

I am so excited and can hardly wait to place my order and receive my kit!!


Sounds good to me!! I am going to try but 3am EST will be tough I hope there is enough kits for Monday morning :)


So Monday the 30th, I'll be able to binge and order up this too fab kit?

Gosh. I'm not gonna be able to sleep! :)


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