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August 04, 2007



Me? Am I the winner? I checked the comments from the other day and I only see one Melisa listed..but I'll go double check to be sure:) If so, *YIPPEE* I am ecstatic!!
I tried emailing you from the sidebar, but I had trouble..so my email is mwthornton@yahoo.com if you can email me then we can get in touch with each other:)
Thanks so much!


Congratulations Melisa!

Tracy B

Are the pictures posted under the entry "better late..." of product in the kit this month, I love the green, pink combo? Or are the pics on the side of the blue/orange kit the colors of this month's kit? I am interested in a pink girly kit and will patiently wait for one, hopefully in the upcoming months.

michelle hill

oh tracy..im sorry that is for the winner...:)...so you like girly kits huh???well i have some kits going up on the etsy site in a few days...not for polka dot whimsy...but for my other one..i know confusing..i will some links on the side bar... :) thanx for liking it..
xo xo


i'm with tracy! i want the prize package to be a kit! it seriously looks good enough to EAT! :)

congrats on everything, michelle! i know you'll have great success!



A newsletter? Too stinkin cool! I can't wait! :)



I just looked at the prize package and I LOVE those colors too....too adorable! M Hill YOU really know how to pull a good kit together! Lucky US!

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