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August 27, 2007



Michelle, we still love ya.... And we will be waiting for the next kit..... Dry those tears and smile for us....


Everyone calm down. Michelle, post the instructions. Big deal, people can download. Those of you leaving such mean-spirited emails on her blog, chill down! It's scrapbooking, not neurosurgery. So there were a few snafus out of the box the first time (i did just spend 10 minutes looking for instructions before logging on) but seriously ... is it worth making a girl cry? I know that i would love to get a download of the instructions, but even with these "issues" i will be the first in line to buy next month's kit -- and I live down the street in Carlsbad and still won't complain about any shipping issues. Relax, enjoy, create!

Kim Caldwell

Michelle, you are honestly one of the kindest and down to earth talents I have ever met in the scrapbooking world. ALL new ventures have a glitch -- take a deep breath and this one will work out. You are great and I am looking forward to seeing my kit when it arrives! Hang in there. . .


Every new thing has a learning curve...you have LOTS of people who know you and love taking your classes and buying your kits...the future holds big things for you...don't let this hold you back! :)

Julie in UK

Even though I have had a problem buying the kit through Etsy as I am international, I will still be trying to be one of the first people to buy Septembers kit and Octobers etc.etc. Your stuff is absolutely gorgeous and you are so inspirational, you keep going I am sure you will have a great success!


Your kits are worth waiting for....cant wait to see your selection for Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, etc..


My preference would be hardcopy instructions...

Anita Anderson

Instr on the sidebar sounds good...I can download. I'm anxious to make this great book! Thanks

Christina Dossola

Anything you create is so worth the wait I am totally cool with instructions being posted on your site. I too live just down the street and so don't care about it being shipped, the cost,or how long it takes!! Can't wait to see what amazing things you have in store for all of us and I know I will gladly make my husband wait up again until midnight so I am one of the first to get the kit. :) :) So, Michelle throw on some Johnny Cash and smile we all still love you.

Pam Black

Hang in there Babe!
You know these things are gonna happen, let them be a learning lesson, don't let them kill your spirit! We love your talent and I find inspiration in everything you do! "You make me want to be a better scrapbooker"(isn't that a line from a movie?){giggle} Anyhow...dream on sweet girl...take a deep breath and proceed to ceate and design and inspire.Love your stuff, Pam


Please do NOT worry over this....you are such a sweet, caring, creative person and mistakes happen! Just post the instructions on the side bar...it would be silly to have to mail them out! I'll be waiting for September! Take care and take a deep breath!!!! :) (HUGS)

Kathryn Johnson

I think a download will be good. Again, it looks like I'm the "meanie", though that was not my intention-just looking for a response. I'm happy there seems to be some communication now. Sorry if I upset anyone.

colleen barger

I'm so glad you are going to make more kits I just love the one I just got, but I'm very retarded and really need to follow your instructions. I will still purchase kits from you cuz I know you will always fix what ever is broken. your still the best know matter what happens or where you live.
thanks again I really love the kit


I think with anything new there are always some gliches along the way, especially the very first month...people just need to be a little patient! Smiles! Hope you are doing better...I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for September!


OF COURSE I'LL BE BACK...that's a no-brainer. You are brilliant. Don't ever forget that! Oh->and I don't have a problem downloading...get it quicker that way!



Michelle, I understand and appreciate your explaining. It helps when you keep us posted... I just sent you an email. Could you check to see if my kit was mailed out, I still have not received an Aug. kit and paid 7/30. I sent my address info in the email to you..... I think directions on a sidebar or download are both fine. thanks so much,


Hi I got my kit, but and me to the no buttons or instruction list! thanks!!
you rock- loved you at CKU


I just emailed you about my kit and then I found the blog. So sorry!! Please DO NOT let this stop you from making kits available to us. I truely LOVE YOUR WORK. I hope I get mine in the mail soon. I only live a county away from you. GOOD LUCK!!

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