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August 16, 2007



can't wait to receive the kit :)
how about a sneak peak at what you have in store for us in September??? :)


looking forward to it Michelle. I just got the 4th of July kit and cant wait to get that project going!


i'm so looking forward to receiving my kit...i can't wait :)...by the way...when will you be posting september's sneak peaks ;-)

Kathryn Johnson

Any update on this kit???


I'm disappointed that I haven't received mine yet - and I don't live too far away. Are they shipped priority mail?


I have heard that people are requesting paypal refunds and emails are not being responded to. Are there any updates on the ship date of our kits??


I rec'd my kit today-live in So Cal, but no instructions included!


I live in So CAL and rec'd my kit today, but no instructions were included...


no instructions on my end either. ;o(

Kathryn Johnson

What is going on with this kit???

Julie (in England)

I've bought a kit on etsy but i can't pay for it unless i get an amended invoice. Are you still offering this kit for sale?



I got my kit on Saturday! LOVE IT!! Great job...can't wait to see the next one!


I received my kit in NJ today, but it was also missing the instructions, as well as the 3 fabric covered buttons - those look so cool in the product description.


I received my kit in SanAntonio, TX today also. It too was missing the instructions and the 3 fabric covered buttons. However, I am really looking forward to creating something great with this kit. It will be my first mini album.


I too would like to order a kit, but Etsy says your kit won't be shipped to the Netherlands? I thought you offer international shipping as well. I sent you e-mails about it. Hope you will find some time to reply. :-)

colleen barger

Hey michelle,
I got my kit but no instructions, will you be mailing them out.
thanks colleen


Still no kit in Florida??

Kathryn Johnson

Finally received my kit, but no instructions or fabric covered buttons here either! PLEASE respond!

Christina Dossola

Just got my kit and I am also missing the instructions and fabric covered buttons:( Can't wait to get started. When will these be mailed to us???

Kathryn Johnson

I just rechecked my kit-there are NO instructions-printed or on CD. I'm also missing the buttons. PLEASE email me the directions and send the buttons. I have started a dispute through etsy and paypal-will cancel it once I receive instructions and the missing items.

michelle hill

CRIMANY..i thought it was only a few with the missing instructions and buttons...it looks like it is going to be every darn one..NICE...well they will all go out to you on wedensday...:(..

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