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September 25, 2007



Oh GOOD! I am in Japan and with the time difference, I dont want to miss out!!!
Love your kits Michelle, you have such a talent for making things work and I have no doubt your Halloween mini book will be worth the wait!


Can't wait to see what you have in store for October, especially the Halloween kit which I must must have.

Could you please mail me the September instructions as I am hoping that my kit will arrive in the next couple of days. I'm at materialmom@tiscali.co.uk Thanksxxx


Super anxious for those instructions for the september kit. I've emailed multiple times and no response. Also wondered if i could get the missing buttons from the august kit.


I am attending a scrap pink crop on Sat. and would really love the directions for the Sept. kit so I can work on it....seems like you should be sending directions for this month's kit before posting another one to purchase!

Tracy B (in Canada)

Is getting worried, why are there all these questions and no answers? Are there or aren't there instructions coming with the kit? Why aren't any of these questions being answered?
Still just waiting patiently for my kit to make it to Canada (not Michelle's fault, post office is slooooow). Just thinking I don't want to wait weeks more for something missing or instructions.


Will the October kit instructions be ready as soon as you put the kit up? Would save a lot of tiresome trouble (I imagine for you too!)if they were sent out as soon as people paid for their kits????


Please email September directions soon. We are really wanting to work on the kit. Thanks,


I am still waiting to hear where my Sept kit is. Has it even been sent yet? I've received no answer to my e-mails, please help!

Tracy B (in Canada)

It shouldn't be to hard to keep track of the Sept kits there are still 34 left and what, there were about 50 in total? So that means only 16 have sold. There really is only a handful of people with concerns on here, but we still need answers. Why aren't any of these concerns being addressed?

Tracy B (in Canada)

Sorry, I'm not trying to be a b!tch. Just getting worried about purchasing online and not knowing if my stuff will come or not and if everything will be there when it does arrive.

michelle hill

ladies..i have responded to you...please check your inbox...if you did not get a email from me..please let me know...:( man...and it was 75 kits total...just fyi.. :)....please ck your inbox's ....yes when the kits ship for october...on the 10th there will be a downloadable section...just so you know.. :)


Sorry, haven't heard anything. Materialmom@tiscali.co.uk


Hey Tracy I don't thing you are being a B!. Just like everyone else you just want a simple answer. That is not to much to ask for. I really wanted to purchase a Sept. kit and have held off because of this. I still haven't even received my buttons for the Aug Kit.

Tracy B (in Canada)

Sorry I didn't know it was 75 kits. I had seen 50 for sale on Etsy and now there was still 34 left, so I assumed that was 16 sold.
I still haven't gotten an email from you, I check my email several times a day. I'm not posting my email here, I'll email you privately.
I just felt that you were starting a new topic without reading and addressing the concerns that were in the comment sections. I realize that you may have responded privately to these questions, but a public answer would be alright to, then everyone would know what was going on....going on with the instruction page, if it was included....what's going on with the book being on the sidebar....what's going on with buttons for the Aug kit (personally I ddin't order the Aug kit but would like to know how things are being handled, for future refernce).

michelle hill

tracy b..i have emailed you again and again...it keeps getting returned...PLEASE email me so i can get you the instructions and stuff....i will forward you all the emails that i have tried to send...i only have one email adress for you....i hope you se this post.. :)

Tracy B (in Canada)

Michelle, I emailed you and included 3 different email addresses and my phone number. I know that you are extremely busy, aren't we all with kids, hubby, home, jobs, life. That's why I said I wasn't trying to be mean, just wonderhing what was happening. Since people have paid for a product they would like to get answers and it seems like there were mostly complaints about response time to emailed questions.
So once again not raining on your parade, think your ideas are super cute.

Tracy B (in Canada)

Well Michelle and I have finally contacted each other...after a little email snafu. All is well, except for the fact that my kit still hasn't made it hear. Jeez, it's just Canada, we're not that far away, come on post office.

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