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January 28, 2008



Hey Michelle,
Just wondering what the subbers need to do regarding the link? We paid on the 24 or 25 for our kits and there was not a link.

Kim Tinsley

Hi Michelle,

The kits look great!I didn't receive a link when I checked out. I purchased them during the "subbers" preview. I my be just a big Dork and totally missed if so I am sorry, could you send them to me? I purchased the Main kit and the Add On.
Thank you for everything!

Sally Basiliere

Where would the link be on the paypal receipt? I don't see it. Thanks, Sally

Wendy Antenucci

I just checked my paypal receipt and their isn't a link, I also was a subber. Will we still be able to get our directions on the 1st? Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress of PDW, sounds like things are really going smoothly this month. Thanks so much, Wendy


I did not see it on the paypal receipt either. So would you please send the links to me also. Thanks!!

Robin M

I found the link!!! How cool is that? Okay....on your email receipt from Paypal there is an item number which is a link to the directions. ;)
That is very nifty Michelle.
So it goes live on the 1st and kits ship on the 5th. I love getting the happy shipping emails from you. Then I can stalk the mailman!
Robin in phx


Hey Michelle, I just ordered my first Polka Dot Whimsey kit, the februari main kit, and I can't wait to see all those yummie goodies to come in my mailbox!! Just love the colors and everything you put in the kit....Thanks, xxxWendy.


hate to put a damper in what seemed to be a great idea, but I don't have links in my paypal receipt either...just rechecked and there are no links even available now or for Feb 1st...sorry


I do not see a link either.


no links in my receipt, maybe because i purchased on subber nights?


They should be on your paypal receipt under the item # at the top. :)It'll say Feb 08 Main kit Item # (the link is here...it's a website www.polkadotwhimsy.com/ {and then the rest}) You'll have to copy and paste it in another window after the 1st when the links go live.
Hope this helps!! :)


Hey Michelle - I think that the links must just appear on the non-sub purchases, b/c mine has an item number, but no email address beside it. Maybe you could just email the link to the subbers on the 1st. Super cute kit - I can't wait to get it!!

terri k

Congrats on selling out!!

I didn't receive a link either, I'm a subber. There is no website listed on the subbers paypal receipt.

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