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January 24, 2008


Sally Basiliere

OMG! I can't wait to see all the doo dahs you bought. I so want to go shopping with you...

terri k

OMG! You guys had so much fun!! I want to go next time! LOL! I can't wait to see what you got for the kits!

gina p

Michelle...are we supposed to use the email link under the "ABOUT" sidebar to get thru to you? I have tried many many times now and still haven't heard from you. Is there a different email address for you? I'm still waiting on a replacement wreath kit from November. You emailed me once and said you'd send me another one, but that's been a long time now. If it's too much trouble, then a refund might be the best thing at this point. I'd like to be done with this once and for all. Please advise...thank you for your attention to this.

Gina Price
San Antonio


Hey Michelle,

Glad you had a awesome day shopping, can't wait to see the goodies in your kits. I had a great time at scrapfest loved getting all your kits. So how do I become a subber?

Button freak


Wendy Antenucci

Have you sent the subscription link out yet? Just hoping I didn't miss anything. I still can't get the specialty link to work either for the LOVE directions. Thanks, Wendy


okay it's 5:30 am and I am so excited to see the new stuff! I am cracking up at your little video! Glad you a girls had a good time!


I didn't get a newsletter, did anyone else?


You guys are so funny! Michelle you have been my idol from afar. I first found photos of your scrapbook room and fell in love. The colors, style.. its me! So through your photos I found my way of decorating my scrap room. Since we've moved back to San Diego, so all my "doo-dahs" are in piles and unsorted... ughh... I'll get there again someday. But anyway, you are an amazing girl and I look forward to becoming a subber!
Idea: take the bus ticket, UTEE it to a domino and make it a keychain... could be cute!

Tracy B (in Alberta)

Isn't great to have a long tiring, but exciting day shopping. Especially with a girlfriend. What a pretty train station, I always picture them as grimey and gross. Were you two the only ones on the train...looked pretty empty.


hey michelle
looks like ya'll had fun
i'm missing my subbers link for the feb kits?

Michele C.

ok....where's the knock off purse place? I'm 20 minutes from downtown and NEED to know.




How cute! Betcha had a blast! Thanks for sharing!!

Judy Hernandez

Michelle ... I was really bummed that I missed the last class at the Pink Pineapple, but we have a cheer competition that weekend and you know how that goes!!!! Anyhow ... really hope to see you soon and stay dry today ... it's rainy pretty steady out here in LA. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked for the special prize ... the Pink Pineapple project looked amazing.


Yeah, you gals are funny. I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you. No hints, nada, nothin'. Love your stuff.

Amy J

OMG Michelle- I am dying over here. I cannot wait to see the new kit. I want to make sure I get to order one before it sells out. Is it going to be posted today?

Robin M

wow !! that looks like a fun trip. I can hardly wait to see all the doodahs.
Waiting not so patiently for the kits!
Robin in phx


Michelle, I'm still waiting for the January specialty kit link to be fixed. Hope you can do so as soon as possible. Thanks.

Jennifer Priest

Ooooh I bet we shop at the same places downtown!! LOL Looks like you guys had a blast!


Got the newsletter, but still no response to my numerous emails.

Also, the specialty link does not work for me either.


YEAH Doo DAhs!!!
too funny
i was woking on onr of the kits at a crop this week ing nothing but oooos & ahhhhs !!
love ya

chilena scrapper

Love the video ... looks like you guys had so much fun. You need to tell where you go to get the glitter .... Okay .. I can't wait much longer ... I NEED TO SEE THE NEW KITS ... the suspense is killing me!!!!


OMG! Seems like you had a great time together. You're funny. I can't wait to see all the doo-dahs that you bought. The February kit looks awesome....as always!

Have a nice day.



Love the new February kit ... Can't wait to get it next month. Your kits are just the BEST!!!!!! LOVE IT...

Gloria King

Great job with the video. You Rock..the good thing is you are so entertaining...I for one am loving all the cute paper packs I got from you. have a good weekend.

Lisa K

Hi...I am a fairly new subber and by the looks of the feb kiy...glad i am...only prob is...how do i pay you...lol! Help to a newbie...thanks! ps - great job shopping!! lisa k

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