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January 23, 2008



I would love to win! Can't wait to see what you think of next


Hi Michelle, I would love to take this class. I missed your first session since I was out of town. It sounds fun and so creative. .....Also I bought your Goals kit at Scrapfest and just got the link for the directions on your blog. Thank you, thank you :)...... Your newsletter you sent out this morning was great. ..... Love your kits :)


Hi Michelle!
What a generous giveaway! I'd love to win it! Thanks!


Can't wait to see what you have in store for next month! I'd love to be put in the running for the prize :)


Bless your heart....we are all inspired by your upbeat, determined, positive attitude!!!Thanks so much for the inspiration and the generosity! I would LOVE to win the class!


Love you! Love the Kits! Keep doing the best you can-- Love Elle


this kit looks great...when will the pics of the spec kit go up? can't wait for the feb peeks either.


Hi, Chica! Are you joining me in Brazil in a few weeks? Let me know. Love, Love everything! I can't wait to start catching up on all the kits sitting in my basement right now. So busy with work, I just want to scrap. I love your kits, and they are the best kits ever - so gosh darn cute! XOXO, Korina


Hi Michelle,
I too would LOVE to win this kit! Take care.


Hi Michelle,
I guess my comment didn't post the first time? I too of course would LOVE to win this kit! Take care.

Crystal Matushek

I love that class and I wanted to take it but it was the same day my mom was scheduled for knee replacement surgery. Can we still take the remainder of the classes and do the first part at home? Do you have and kits to sell? It is so fun looking!


Hi Michelle,
I would LOVE to win this kit. Take care.

susie bloom

your creativity is crazy GOOD! pick me!!! :O)

susie bloom

i'm trying this again,my post isn't showing up, congrats michelle with PDW, your vision and creativity shows in your kits. i'm keeping my fingers crossed :o)


Hey Michelle - I've been following you since the Happy Things Album at CKU Nashville and I am totally addicted to your kits!! I wish I didn't live on the East Coast so that I could take your class because the project looks awesome - Good luck to everyone!


I am new to the whole ATC thing- but would love this project as an introduction. To me, there would be no better way than to learn from THE Michelle Hill. Please pick me. I want to learn so badly and this looks so incredible cute. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Smiles darling!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly B

Please pick me!!! That class is sooo cute!


The class looks like so much fun, I would love it! I've loved all the kits you've put together. I'm glad you're not letting those nasty comments stop you. Looking forward to the next kit.

Julie S.

LOVE the ATC thingie! I'd LOVE to win your class!! TOO COOL! How generous! :D



Would love to win something....call me--I have voicemail!


Love your classes Michelle!


I loved my Jan. kit is was so beautiful. Looking forward to the sneak peek. I have seen the ATC's but not in action. Your class looks just wonderful, and I wished I lived a lot closer. Theresa


so adorable... love this!!! Wish I could take the class in person!

Thanks Michelle!!!

Melissa P

Hi -

I am new to your blog & would love to have a shot at your giveaway! I am so *digging* your kits, I just might have to sign up!


Karen  K

OH, this is an awesome class! Love the colors. Thanks Michelle!

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