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February 17, 2008



Hi Michelle

Hope Danika had a great birthday! Just wondered if you got my email about the Pink Pineapple kit? Would love to catch you before you get too crazy busy with March kitting. Thanks :)

gina p

I sent an email to your polkadotwhimsy address...would you please respond?!

michelle hill

hi gina..just got your email... :)


Has everyone received their kits? I still have not received my Feb kit and I have sent SEVERAL emails to Michelle and she has not responded to any of them!! She has completely ignored all of my emails. I'm growing a little concerned because she already has received my money and I dont know if I'm going to get my kit that I ordered! Does anyone have any tips on a better way to contact Michelle?!

michelle hill

hi lynda..i see where the problem is..your email is WRONG in my data base...i have re-sent you a email off the one that typepad has provided for me.. :) thank you....

michelle hill

hi lynda...i have emialed you..but can re-send me a copy of your invoice as there is no record of your payment... thank you :) m


The Feb kit is wonderful, can't wait to see March.
Glad things are going better!!
Hope Danika had a good birthday.


What fun! Feb. is loaded, enough to make a few mini albums!! Thank you! Cant wait to see March!


I am a Jan,Feb,Mar subber. Are you going to do an Apr,May,June subscription?


Same question as Gina above? So we have to re-subscribe if we want to continue our subscriptions past March?

Chrissy Le

Michelle, I received my Feb Main kit and is missing the MM Tiny Stickers and 4 pattern papers. I emailed you over a week ago, and emailed you again today. Can you please respond? Thanks!

michelle hill

hi chrissy your email has been returned.. :)


hi you! Wanna doodle that "something" for you...but I need you to email me...I have a question....

terri k

I believe, once your 3-months are up, your subs continue on until you say to stop.

Robin M

lovin the sneak peeks on the PDW main page!!! woohoo.....



Nice tease you have on the main page!! I can't wait for these babies!!

BTW- LOVE LOVE LOVE my Feb Main kit- hope to see if you at the Pineapple manana!! I'm so EXCITED!!!


i will be at your house tomorrow (wed) at 4:30...email me if it's a problem.

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