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March 02, 2008



Love all that stuff!!
I had my firt kit this month and i'm in love.............



I'm inspired by PDW! The doo dahs, the extras, the kits, everything!!!!


The Feb kit was awesome. Can't wait to see the project for March!


Your kits inspire me! I wanta scrap right now!


It doesn't take very much to get me inspired... Somedays it could be the colors of the flowers in a yard I drive by. Or words to one of my favorite songs that come on the radio.

terri k

OMG! What wonderful goodies in that give away! I love the book from Anthropologie.

Can't wait to get the March kit and all the wonderful new goodies!


oooh... I would have to say even just watching that video inspires me... I just love ANY and ALL scrap goodness... =)


Love your kits (as you know- I think you spray something on them to make them irresistible!).

I think what inspires me most is color- and unusual color combinations.

Can't wait to get the new kit and see what next month will bring!

Kelly B

I can't wait for my new kit to get here!! I just love the way you put it all together...keep up the good work.


I love your kits. PDW always seem to inspire me. Last month was my first kit and I have been so inspired ever since !! Can't wait for this month's kit. I love the colors!!!!! Thanks

Sally Basiliere

I'm inspired by life itself. There is so much going on around us that we take for granted and it's really necessary to just stop and enjoy life.

Stacy L

Loving the kits! I've been inspired to really get working on projects that I've put off for far too long!

Tracy B (in Alberta)

Finished my love album a bit ago...did it about my 2 daughters and their 'sissy love' Love all the leftover goodies, especially since I used a few things I had already, that left even more leftovers.


I love Making Memories, all their papers, and note papers etc etc etc. Anything and everything...stuff that is pretty and cute and yummy. Pink and brown, stripes and polka dots. Glitter.
I have the basket that you have your givaway stuff in.


WOW - amazing stuff you've got for your give-away! Pretty things inspire me - sparkly stuff, beautiful colors. I LOVE that Anthropologie journal - I can totally picture using pages in an album!

Wendy Antenucci

Your doing a wonderful job, and your kits are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to get March's kit!!! Wendy


You are sooooo amazing and talented Michelle...I always look forward to ordering and recieving your kits. I never been disappointed with any of your kits...there always FabUlOus...just like YOU! :)


you and your website inspire me as does the pineapple, and of couse traveling around with the family is always good inspiration! congrats on making things work. karen

Robin M

CHA was inspiring this year. I want to use up all my old stuff so I can get all the new yummy stuff. I really like Cosmo Cricket and Fancy Pants.
keep up the awesome work with the kits. I've been working on my October Spec kit from PDW today.


I love all the bright colors in your inspiration basket. I'm definitely ready for spring.


I am inspired by patterned paper. It is out of the comfort zone for me to have many different patterns on the same layout or mini book. I am also inspired by kindness. Random acts of it have really been popping out for me to notice lately!

Cindy McAllister

Love your style, always have, always will. Please choose me for the fabulous give-a-way!!!


I am inspired by artists like you. Women that can create such beautiful art make me very inspired.

Denise Barker

Watching the faces of my kids when they are surprised inspires me. We just returned from a trip up to Disneyland. What puts a smile on mom's face??? a stop at Sprinkles on the way up! :) Love your video, Michelle!


Ribbons and fabrics always inspire me!! Of course, that great journal and Anthropolgie book would help me as well. I like your cute polka dot jacket, did you plan that??


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