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March 26, 2008



can you call me tomorrow?



Hey Michelle,

If you order from etsy and your local can I pick the stuff up at the pink or would you rather ship it?

Thanks Martina

Tracy B (inAlberta)

Can you please email me and tell me if you've sent my missing January Love stuff? I haven't ordered anything since, so please just send it on it's own. I've emailed you using both my email accounts. Please let me know if my stuff has been sent or not?! beach-baby-123@hotmail.com


Hey Michelle,
I'm wondering about local gals ordering from etsy and shipping too :)


hey brandon!
did you find the bag you were looking for? if not, try emailing maxx from their site (maxxnewyork.com)to see if they have any left - they are pretty good at responding!


ooo more tribe kits??? :D the etsy shop looks good and the new kits look fabulous!!!!! xoxo

catherine sanicki

Well Michelle,
what have you found out about my kit? anything? I am still waiting to hear from you. If you don't have any left doesn't look like I am getting one and I'm probably not getting April either your sold out (even though I am a sub)
did you get my name on a April kit?

michelle hill

catherine..i am sending your stuff out today...just fyi..i will also email you and let you know.. :)

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