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March 17, 2008



hi michelle- ups says my box should be here today! can't wait to open it and lay everything out! love the doo dahs!- where should I be looking for the links for the project? on your site I can't see anything that I should click on - help! thx claudeen

Robin M

Michelle, sorry about your car. I hate not having transportation. We are having plumbing problems -- $2500 worth! Yikes for sure!
hang in there
hugs robin


Car problems are such a nuisance! I got my kit yesterday, I love it! I can't wait for Spring Break (one of the benefits of being a teacher!) and having time to play!

catherine sanicki

hi Michell
I didn't receive my March kit. Could you check and see if you sent me one. I didn't order it online we did it verbally remember??? Also, you didn't answer my email about the xtra kit. Let me know. thanks


So sorry to hear about the car pb's. I tollay feel you! Car pb's is my middle name!!! It will get better! Now, on a happier note my projects are up on Flickr. Enjoy!



Car trouble loves me so I am very sympathetic, really hope it sorts itself out soon!

Any luck with the links? Is your scraproom finished? Are you going to do another video to show us :)

Lisa K

Just wanted to say that I got my kits today and was having a horrible day, until MR. Brown arrived! The goodies make me sooooooooo happy!!! Thanks so much! Lisa K


so it says my pdw goodies will be arriving tomorrow. YAY! i can so use a little good news - long day - mom in hospital - very tired.
car trouble - what a bummer - hate that!

shari walker

Recd my pkg and love the contents, can't wait to see the links...sorry about the car, they make me so mad I kick the tires..Hang in there.....

shari walker

Recd my pkg and love the contents, can't wait to see the links...sorry about the car, they make me so mad I kick the tires..Hang in there.....


OMG I can't stand car issues .... mostly cuz evertime you have them you'll never have a mechanic say "Oh no problem .. that will be $20 bucks please." ... yeah right... they want to fund their kids next two semesters at USC! And BTW didn't u just get a new car?? As of friday my husband has been laid off for one month!!! Times are fun alllllll over!!
~The brownie leader!!


Car problems... grr... we had those a few weeks ago... in Coronado, yeah nice... poor military people brakin' down in rich people's land... good times! We spent a few hours under the hood, had a get a manacure after that, but it runs again... we'll get a new one after his deployment :)
The weekend... did nothin'... it was great!

Samantha Wales

Sorry about the car problems. Been there done that! I got my kit today and let me say it is AH-MAZING! Can't wait to play with it tomorrow. Love it!


Michelle, can you bring the house kit if you have it?? thanks cierra


any sneak peaks of april's kit??? just so excited--love my new goodies--this is the first subscription of any kind that i have enjoyed! thanks {pj} love the layout kit from the bus tour!!


bummer about your car!!! :( that sucks!! but the bus tour was super fun!!! and the crop afterwards was a blast also!!! see you soon! take care!!! xoxo

Samantha Seholm

Hey Michelle got my kits and looove them I am missing the stamps from the add-on could you please email me about this at samanthaseholm@yahoo.com Thanks


Just got my March KIT!!! YAY Thank you!!! I am going to open everything up & drull now! love the cotton candy treat!!


GIVE ME THAT BAG! It can't be found! It's called the bridle tote--I think.


Amy J

when are you announcing the winners- I am ready to claim my prize...hee hee.


Hey Michelle! I hope your car situation is getting fixed... we just got a bad flat overnight!!

So? When will we get a sneak peek at April's kit?!? I can't wait- your kits are the BEST!


Hi there. Are the subbers still going to get a newsletter about the kits on Monday 24th or are you going to do it earlier because of the holiday weekend? Looking forward to seeing the new kit, your kits ROCK!

Wendy Antenucci

I just got my kit and it is great, love the treat. Are the words up yet for the main kit? I can't wait to create the inspire album.


The March kit arrived yesterday (fast international delivery!!) and is gorgeous. Love all the goodies. And the cotton candy was a real treat. My fingers are a bit sticky now. LOL!


I got my kit the other day and it has great goodies. I can't wait it see April! Keeping my fingers crossed for the drawing!!!!!

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