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March 31, 2008



I sent you an email the other day to your yahoo and PDW account.

Julie Pilch

LOVE the flocking, have ordered some online I'm going to try flocking some chipboard pieces.
Could you possibly send me the instructions for the Pink Pineapple kit as I am dying to get going on it. Thanks, have a great Monday :)

michelle hill

yes...let me format them julie... :) as the pdf file the pics are REALLY small.. :) have a great day...


am soooooo looking forward to this weekends classes...thanks for the vid.

Julie Pilch

Thank you Michelle!


Hey Michelle,

If we buy on etsy and we are local can we pick up at the pink?

Do you have any extra of the atc kits to purchase.



oh michelle you are so cute! Looking forward to seeing you on



love the video michelle...too cute!!! :) the flocking looks fun and the pink!! woo hoo!! see u sunday and hopefully this week also! xoxo


Michelle, I sent you an email. Please reply ASAP so I know you rec'd it. Thank you! :) Have a better Monday! :)


I love your videos. I swear I check everyday to see if there is a new one. Feels like talking to a friend. I can't wait to try some flocking. Now hurry up and get that April kit in the mail!!!! I'm dying here!

Robin M

ooohh --- happy flocking. I am so ordering some. how about flocking ribbon or felt too?!!

good times...


This is my first time seeing one of your videos---how cute are you?!?---SO musch energy, could you bottle some up for me?



I have some flock... haven't used it tho! I went to Doodlebug's website, they are coming out with flock too...in all their fun colors!


So cool- love that flocking!!! I'm so stoked about the April kit- please don't forget anything in it as I want to attack it as soon as I get it!!! YAY!!


Hi michelle- love your little videos!!! I have some flocking in pink of course too- my fave color- and I love how it looks on a page and so easy- but i used a friends glue pad as I cannot find a pad of my own! I have tried HL, M's but not j's - - can't wait to get my april kits!!

Wendy Antenucci

Just was wondering if the inspire directions will be posted soon? I just checked my link and it is still pictures. Thanks so much, Wendy

Julie Pilch

Hello, are the links to the super gorgeous April kits out today? No bother if they aren't just thought I would ask :)


Hi!! I sent you a couple of emails regarding the invoice for two of the atc kits...can you please let me know if you got the email. Thank you

catherine sanicki

Would I quality to win something
since I didn't receive my March kit?


OMG girl I totally LOVE LOVE Your VIDEOs!!!! Your too sweet :) OMG i totally also love your tree book it's tooo pretty to bad i dont live close or else OMG i would totally be there every class you tought.. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB.. and YES i've been trying to subscribe for your kits..

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