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March 24, 2008



Oh who cares....I was buying things so fast, purchasing them seperately made the fun last longer! I got ONE of each. What a great way to end the day :)

Michele C.

EXACTLY what i was thinking!!!! lol



hey m-

can we get our credit for shipping if we picked up at the pineapple last month?


OMG!! You did it again, Michelle. GORGEOUS kits!! Love them. Had to purchase them all....well....almost all (except for one). Have a wonderful day.

Greetz from a cold and white (yep, we had SNOW!!) Holland.


Julie Pilch

Love the collection it is GORGEOUS. Bought nearly everything as it was all so delicious :)


Hi, Michelle!

I hope you are having a great week! The kits are wonderful as always :) I was wondering if you were receiving my emails because I haven't heard back from you yet. Here is my list: I need the instruction links for the March kit because I accidently deleted them. I also didn't received my stamp sets from the February kit and the add-on for March. I was also wondering if you could send Fafa's missing kits to me, so I can forward them to her in Brazil. She said they were returned to you and you had said you were going to mail them out, but they still haven't arrived yet. PLMK!


shari walker

Michelle I have never recd the link for the directions for the march kit.. may i have it.. thanks shari

shari walker

Michelle I have never recd the link for the directions for the march kit.. may i have it.. thanks shari

michelle hill

Hi korrina...WHAT..no i don't have any emails from you.....could you re-send them..also...i will eamil fa-fa...i assumed she got her kits... :)

catherine sanicki

Just wonderin if you found out anything on my kit. I usually hear from UPS when they have a package for me. This time I didn't hear from them at all.
Hope to hear from you soon.




I didn't get a newsletter, but I did get the subber link. Could you resend me the newsletter?

Thanks- can't wait to get a better look at the kits!


Tracy B (inAlberta)

Did you get me email about the missing January Love stuff? I resent it AND used my other email address to send it a 3rd time? Maybe check if I am under spam.

Amy J

Did not get the newsletter and am getting worried that I am going to miss this month just like I have the last two months. Can you please re-send it to me at lawchick0718@hotmail.com? Thanks Michelle!

Samantha Wales

Well silly me I should have read the blog first. I've already ordered seperately. Did you get my email? I swear I remember you sending me an email earlier in the month saying you had added me to the sub list. Then when I didn't get the email my sweet friend sent the link to me. I went ahead and ordered the main kit last night from that link and the add on kit today from the website. Just want to confirm that you have me down for a sub. Email me back, thanks! Looooove the new kits!!!!!

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