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March 28, 2008



Did you ever list the Tribe kits on Etsy?

Julie Pilch

OMG the parcel delivery guy just delivered a BIG box to me. Can't believe how much stuff is in your kits it is AMAZING!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH. Can you please email me the instructions for the Pink Pineapple ATC kit as I can't wait to get going on it :) Alternatively if any local girls have the instructions and feel like giving a fellow Polka Dot a hand could you email please......materialmom@tiscali.co.uk. Thank You so much :)



i had originally looked for the bag a maxxnewyork.com and it wasn't listed. but then when you suggested it, i looked again...it's there. they got some more or something..


Hey Michelle

If we order from etsy can we pick it up at the pink?

thanks Martina

shari walker

Could someone PLS email me the link for the march kit, it was not on my invoice and its the first month I have been a subber..


Hi hi ...please send me invoice for two of the seasons of memories kits... thanks!!


Hello there fellow PDW Subbers. I am a Subber that has NO kids tonight. I am deperately seeking the links for March's Inspire(with text) and the Tribe links. Will someone please email them to me. I would be very grateful!
Thank you,


can someone help. when you are a sub do you pay for the 3 months in advance. It went in my cart as quantity 3 and I paid for 3 main kits? I only wanted 1.
let me know gmnuge@yahoo.com


Hi Gayle,
No, you do not pay for the 3 month sub in advance. Each month you will receive an email on the 24th that lets you prepurchase the kits before they go to the public. Email Michelle and let her know that you only wanted one kit.


Thanks :) I guess i was so excited I did not look at how much I was spending. :)

gayle nugent

Thanks:) I guesss I was so excited I did not look at how much I was spending :)

shari walker

heres my email flyingmom92@yahoo.com, could someone PLS send me the link to the march main kit, this was my first month as a subber and didn't get it..THANKS shari


Michelle, I sent you a couple of emails today. Please respond ASAP so I know you rec'd them. Thank you! Have a great weekend! :)


Hi Shari,
Check your email.


Thank you, Michelle! :)

Tracy B (inAlberta)

Michelle, I emailed you again. You still haven't said if you sent all that missing stuff from the JAnuary Love Kit. You just have replied a few times 'no, I haven't got your email, please resend' But I have resent it at least 6 times and used both my email addresses. Please check your inbox and spam box. I have no idea if you've sent my stuff or what is going on????

Tracy B (inAlberta)

Thanks Michelle for finally clearing this up.

Wendy Antenucci

are you going to put written instructions with the March main kit? I keep e-mailing and haven't gotten a response yet. Thanks

michelle hill

hi wendy...just emailed you... :)


I need the written instructins for March also. Could you please send them to me. Thanks


Hi Michelle
I purchased the April Collections kit and was wondering if there are going to be written instructions for that kit? Thanks for the info!

holly dunn

i finally got to sign up for a sub before they sold out! I am on cloud freaking 9! :)

Cant wait wish I could have purchased a just the girls before they were sold out... :( looks really cute, love the trees :)

holly, becker, mn

Laura Ellen

I need the link also. I have nore received instuctions. Can someone help? lauraellent@msn.com

Laura Ellen

I need the link also. I have nore received instuctions. Can someone help? lauraellent@msn.com

Wendy Antenucci

The link you sent does not have instructions, are there any written instructions for the inspire kit? Thanks, Wendy

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