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April 22, 2008



congrats to all of you lucky winners! Happy Earth Day Michelle! I still want to bring you those 2 vegetarian dishes I told you about. enjoy your day!


Happy Earth Day!!!!
OMG Michelle I soooooo can't wait for my stuff!!!


congrats to the winners! i can't wait for the newsletter - i want the scoop on how to sign up for a 6 month sub!


Happy Earth Day! I'm SO going to the extra night at the Pink next Tuesday- i can't wait to meet you. I saw you there one time but was too chicken to say hi! LOL

Can't wait for the Friday goodies- May looks AMAZING, as always! Your kits rock and my cupcake album is ALMOST done! I think I like it better than the "Happieness Is..." but its a CLOSE call! :-)


The specialty kit looks awesome!!I am so glad you thought to include the boy/man theme...
please do more of this!!!


Hi Michelle,
The links that I have for the April Kits are not complete. Did you send out a new link that is complete?


Good morning Michelle!

Just wanted to tell OMG that I had my MIL join your club!! Im well were both excited and also OMG I totally had her go into your esty store and by stuff!!!! yeaaaa can't wait to get my stuff and next months kit!!!!

PS also congrats to the other ladys yes that was selfish didn't say that yesterday :( BUT CONGRATS!! :)


well...at least another Samantha won! I can't complain, I won on the SL blog. It was just so delish I wanted to win something again.

Congrats girls! Especially to my fellow Samantha!



Hey Michelle,

when will the local gals get the shipping funds back? I just checked my payapl and didn't see anything... I paid shipping on two kits... Lemme know! Thx


I just received my kit and other items I ordered!! LOVE THEM that I had to buy more LOL.. hey michelle i had a question I know that and hope your not charging me $3.00 for each item for shipping? Please let me know thanks you!


Whoo Hoo Marina!! Awesome, Chica!


Hey Gina are you from Buena Park??

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