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April 09, 2008



Just checking.....Have the instruction links gone out for the April kits?

Amy J

When are the kits going to go out? I am going out of town and wanted to know if I need to arrange for someone to come and get the package off of my porch. Thanks!
P.S. Did you get my email about the ATC kits?


yea...so... it's your fault... you make super fun kits that we just can't wait to create with...

Thanks... :)


Yes, it is sooooo true spoiled scrapbookers we are. It's so nice to find that someone who just feeds that addiction, Michelle. It's all your fault, so many goodies so little time.See you on the 16th.



thank you for spoiling us! it says a lot about the type of person you are............


Its your fault that we are spoiled! the only thing about spoiling us is we get used to it so you have to keep spoiling us with better and better kits- if that was even possible!! cannot wait to get my 3 kits- main, cupcake and the coveted tribe!!!!!

robin m

Awwww---it's only because you love us. We love you too and your fab kits. I just posted my spring acrylic album to Flickr.

Tran Quach

Oi Oi!

Susan Lew

I am so looking forward to getting my kit! :-)

gayle nugent

I can not wait to get the kits. Wish I lived closer so I could take your classes. :)


michelle, cant wait to see what next month has in store! Love your kits/style and creativity!


Has anyone gotten the kit links yet?


No links here. Assuming kits not shipped yet either. Anyone get shipping confirmation or links?


It is the 11th, did anyone get a UPS notice?

catherine sanicki

Hi Michelle,
I haven't heard anything from ups. Are you shipping both kits together??? Just wondering.


no no ups confirmation yet- I hope they go out today!!!!

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