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April 16, 2008



Super Sweet newsletter! Thanks for the Hambly update, that was for this past kit, not May's kit, correct?

thanks for the peek at next months goodies- WOOO HOOO!

Dina K

Great newsletter!! Love the May peeks and the subber layouts are great - TFS!! I am so excited about the 6 month sub option - can't wait for that!!!

Michelle ~ You are doing a great job - LOVE LOVE LOVE your kits - I am a VERY HAPPY PDW subber!! Thanks for all your hard work, you have an awesome kit club!!! :)


Got it....looks great!
Thanks for saying such nice things about me... you're so sweet!
I'm there for the 6 mo. sign up!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the shout out in the showcase. I'm in tears. Thank you for all the cool products, that you put in the kits. And thank you for all the hard work you do!!!:)


terri k

Oh My! Thank you so much Michelle! And tonight was a lot of fun!


terri k

Oh My! Thank you so much Michelle! And tonight was a lot of fun!



GOod morning all!!!
Hey michelle totally LOVE your blog it's super kewl.. Ohhh and my MIL says we both talk and act the same LOL.. I had her watch your video LOL.. and OMG you totally remind me of me LOL :)

Amy J

Hey Michelle!!! My kit is set to deliver tomorrow and I can hardly wait. So excited.....
Just wanted to know what I could do if I just signed up to be a subber this month, how I could make it a 6 month instead? Just wondering..... Also, I never got a response the other day concerning the price of the ATC kit? Thanks so much!!!


Michelle same here like I told ya before I sooo want to be extended for 6 months or a year if you have it that long :) but yes please dont forget about me !!
gracias chica!


I got my package today...2 kits!! YEAH. it all looks so great. and the stamp is absolutely so cute!!!!I am so glad I have tomorrow off! I am going to scrap with all my great new stuff!


I have the same question, i signed up as a 3 month subber, jun will be the last month and want to go onto the 6 month, I love the kits and all your choices and all that you do... YOur the best...

Lisa K in TX

got my package yesterday with all the kits and i am in love!!! so great! thanks so much! lisa k


Thanks so much for picking a little of my work. I was so surprised yesterday at work to read the newsletter and see that picture. I got my kit yesterday afternoon and loved all the goodies and can't wait to get to work on it. Thanks Michells

Vanessa DeLisio

MICHELLE i just got the collection kit! oh man the drool! it is so so gorgeous and delicious i just want to hold it and skip around

you did an amazing job! Thank you!



Hi Michelle- just wanted to let you know that i got the heaviest box today from ups- I knew it was my kits- I LOVE all of them- the collection, main and the coveted tribe- I love the doo dahs, your paper selection- love the mix, love the ribbon and the fabric, love the little papers you put in each kit- love that you even take off the spiral vs ripping the paper off!- I know- I notice this- also just love how each kit just coordinates beautifully - with these three kits i got a nice blend of color- I LOVE pink so that collection was a must have- alsothanks for including my missing items from my march main- I am scrapping all next weekend at a b and b and am taking these kits to show my good friend- I thnk she is going to die when she sees these!!!- you are awesome girl- I am going to post on willow traders about how much i love these kits-


I received my April kits yesterday and.....WOW.....you did it again, girl. So many yummy goodies in there. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Thanks also for the giveaway. Love it too. ;-)


Are the links working and my computer just not showing them?
Also, Michelle, can you let me know about upgrading my sub to a 6 month? Don't want to miss out on any kit goodness!


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