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April 07, 2008


terri k

Thanks for a great class! It was a lot of fun! And thanks to everyone who brought the yummy goodies!!

This is just a regular week for me ... work. Oh, I have a dental appointment on Thursday ... YUCK!


still working two jobs...5 more weeks to go...


I am going to shop for accessories for the den. The remodel in that room is almost finished. Just need a few things to tie it all together and I so want to finish this week.


I heard the class on Sunday was the most fun! Sorry I missed it - the project looks so cute! So Monday - Ortho appt, Dr. appt & baseball game, Tuesday - baseball practice, Wednesday - FREE (so far), Thursday - baseball game & CCD, Friday - birthday dinner, Saturday - baseball game, baseball pizza party & birthday party, Sunday - family dinner & laundry. Oh, and full time job, to boot. Good Times. pick me...pick me... hahaha


Yesturday, we went shopping for Bridesmaid dress's for my daughters wedding. What a hoot! Today we're celebrating our son's b'day. And this week I hope to complete a gift for a wedding shower on Fri.


Well so far my week has consisted of doctoring two little boys with massive sunburns. That is what I get for trusting dh to put sunblock on them before he sent them outside to wash the cars and play in the hose!!!! GRRRRRR!!! If the sunburns clear up I'll be heading to New Orleans to the zoo and aquarium on Thursday with my 8 yo's (will be 9 next week) 3rd grade class. Then Friday dd gets her cast off...hopefully and that night I am chaperoning an event at church for the middle and high school youth. Hopefully in there somwhere there will be time to scrap.

Amy J

working three days, going to the dentist on thurs to get a cavity filled, then going to hubby's college baseball reunion this weekend- FUN STUFF lemme tell ya.... Anything is better than being at work- even getting the cavity filled. Have a fun spring break!

Wendy Antenucci

This week I am scrambling to get my homework done for Scrap Etc which is next week. Maybe if I hurry I can get to work on the inspire kit! Wendy


Running errands and lots of baseball practice for me this week. My husband and I also are going to a food show in Cleveland!


Spring break is over and so is our Florida vacation :(
This week is for catching up..
Working all week and a Basketball banquet on Wed.

Adrian Veteikis

Hello Michelle,
Your page examples are cute. My kids are still in preschool, so no spring break experiences for me yet!


Adrian Veteikis

Hello Michelle,
No spring break experiences for me yet - my kids are still in preschool!


Jennifer C

I am enjoying my last week of maternity leave before I have to go back to work :(.

Stacy L

I've been working on our ladies retreat at church. We stayed up late last night putting together goodie bags ans making invitations.

Sandra L.

Lets see laundry, basketball practice, volunteer work @ food ministry and babysitting grandkids that about sums up my plans for the week. Love that I am blessed and able to be a stay at home mom :)

ashley May

Hey Wendy! I'm also going to the Scrap Etc event...I'm getting so excited! It is so beautiful today here in Tennessee. My husband and I just got our solar cover on our pool..the water is 65 degrees...it's killing me because it's almost 80 outside and I'm dying to get in the pool. Needless to say, the weather channel is calling for snow flurries on Monday. Gotta love Tennessee. I'm also getting pumped up for the National Championship game tonight..Let's go VOLS!!!


well, it's not spring break yet here so we're having a normal school week. i plan to get some scrapping done with March's kit!


This is an incredibly crazy week. I am a CPA so it is all about finishing tax returns this week. The good news is next Tuesday it will all be over. Plus, I am bringing home my new puppy once the week is over.

Rebecca Coolidge

I have been celebrating my parents anniversary and planting flowers in my flowerbeds. I just love spring!!!

Paula Clare

Hi There! Sign me up for the giveaway...I LOVE, love, LOVE your kits...I am always "too late on the draw" to get one...but I LOVE THEM! I am considering subscribing so I can (finally) be IN the loop!


Hi Michelle, just packing and taking care of Blake, Laynie, and miss Adie!! Fun! Fun! Oh, and I also might be making you lunch this week!! :0)


Hey there.
Heading out to Lake Havasu tomorrow night for a long weekend.
Can't wait to get away.

Miss you! Aren't you ever coming back to the OC?

Michele C.

monday...a blur now. tuesday...work, teacher stuff for the store..idol. wednesday...work, more teacher stuff for the store...idol. thursday...work, yet more tchr stuff for the store, greys. friday...work, play time in my studio, ghost whisperer. saturday...sleep late, play time in my studio, field trip with the kids to the observatory. sunday....sleep late, class in the p.m., play time in my studio, sleep early. it doesn't really start getting crazy until soccer season for me.


Lisa K in TX

Chasing around a 2 year old and holding my last baby (4 months old) until my arms and legs fall off --- and of course sneaking in some scrappy time!! Lisa K in TX

shari walker

Working ,two Drs appts, one scrapbook class, and yes a little skiing on sunday as we still have snow...

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