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April 28, 2008


Stacy L

Love the sneak peeks and all the buttons! Can't wait til June:)

Dina K

Very cute finds! Love the peeks for June - especially that MM album, so pretty!!


two weeks....still no April kits....can you please send me my tracking number...I hope it didnt get lost!!

michelle hill

GRACE....on no...YES i am LOOKING into RIGHT NOW..... :) ALL APRIL KITS WERE MAILED....and you had the 2 atc kits to...ok i am going to email you.. :) thnk you for letting me know..


Omg I cannot believe all of your neat finds!!! You're so mean for keeping us in suspense about June! J/K :) I'm looking forward to my first PDW kits!


Thanks for checking for me Michelle!! I will keep an eye out for your email!!

Michele C.

ok...i just have to say that the last 10 seconds just cracked me up! and i'm at work so i couldn't laugh too hysterically!!! it seemed that the 'camera man' did a zoom in on your boobs!!! lol thanks for the laugh...i needed it.

Michele C.

ok....now that i look again, it didn't happen. maybe it was just my computer. it was funny anyways! i'm not a crazy person...really.


Hi Michelle! Do you have a working link for the April Specialty kit? I am panicing... Mother's Day is nearly here.

terri k

Michelle, do you need someone to help you carry your bags the next time you go shopping up in L.A.?!! LOL!!!

Can't wait to see june's kits!!


a boob close-up? did i miss that??
i LOVE your kits - no others compare. thanks for doing what you do and for the sneak peeks!

Erin Bassett

Can't wait!!

Lynda Volz


Still no instructions or pictures on the Mom kit from April...can you PLEASE email me the link or just email it to me as an attachment, either way is fine...OR if anyone out there has those instructions, can you please email them to lvolzie@yahoo.com ?


OMG totally totally love love the sneak peak June KIT!!!! wooo hooo can't wait!! OMG that's soo funny LOL MIchele C. OMG I totally saw the CLOSE UP!! LMAO!! hehehehe... OMG michelle hello what are you thinking hot in California!!??? OMG try living in Yuma ARIZONA!! HELLO !! lol... hehehe it's funny when i go to my home town see my parents in the O.C my mom is like OMG it's sooo hot and it's flippen in the 80's and yuma in the 100's!!!! OMG HELLO LOL... hehehe love it can't wait for my PDW KIT!!


Michelle- love the finds from LA! I wish I lived there- hot too - sounds good to me! freezing here in chicago- let me know when you go to LA again as I might want some fun goodies!!!! thx for the june peeks too! _ can't wait until may kit arrives too!


I sent you an email. Please reply ASAP so I know you rec'd it. May are my last kits. :) Thank you!

Vanessa DeLisio (danzer53)

you are such a tease!!! i dont care what the june colors are...i want that stuff!! <3


OMGosh... it WAS hot here... this week should be beautiful...at a 75 avg...I LOVE SO-CAL!
Okay... so I too (like Terri K) am offering my arms for bags or boxes or really anything... Even if the circulation gets cut off from them... you won't here a peep from me... no sir!
Thanks for the s-peek... :) ohhh and all those goodies... mmmm, yummy!
OH and... You've Got Mail!

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