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April 03, 2008



ditto... Sometimes ya think.."oh, I'll just go check on this one thing.." and before you realize it, it's dark out and the kids are hungry...only cause it 6pm!
Have a great day,

Robin M

Hey Michelle, I got my etsy order and the one piece of paper that was missing from my kit. Thanks for sending it.
I found some cool felt bunnies from Paperchase at Borders the other day for 75% off. Thanks to you I'm looking all over for interesting embellishments for my work.
have a great weekend


Just checking.....Did anyone get the newsletter link?


No I did not get the link either. Maybe tomorrow?


I was just wondering the same thing. No newsletter here. Are the kits going out today?

Julie Pilch

Anyone had any instruction links? No newsletter here either, been a busy week though I'm sure :)


Nothing here either, no newsletter, no UPS notice.

Hopefully Michelle will update at least tonight.

Amy J

Michelle can you please give us an update.... Did the kits go out yesterday? Did the newsletters go out? Please keep us informed as we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our goodies.....

terri k

UPS is closed on the weekends.


I took a class with Michelle today and that girl has been BUSY! Kitting our class and kitting the kits...LOTS of work! She said kits go out the 5th-10th and they have not shipped yet! Hope this updates everyone until Michelle has a moment to look here..she is kitting like crazy!


What a great class today Michelle! You are always such a ray of sunshine!


Sally Basiliere

What a great day!!!! Thanks so much, Michelle. The class was wonderful as usual. By the way, the recipe for the salad for those of you that wanted it, is on the Freckle Friends board.


Can't wait to get this months kit... just reminding you...please send my the atc kits with my other kits!! Thanks soo much


Can you please bring my 1st atc kit to the pink when you bring the monthly kits, if ok I can pay for it at the pink.


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