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April 24, 2008


Lisa K in TX

Please please, I don't want to go to bed before the subber email comes out...I am holding out but losing steam being with the kiddos all day! Please come, please come...I am doing a chant! :)


My kids are calling me "THE COMPUTER HOGGER"! Their chant is... How many time are you going to check it! ;)


HAHAHahaha that's tooo funny... LOL.. yea my DH is telling me to go my Scraproom that i might miss something LOL... hehehehe


LOL that's too funny my DH keeps telling me to go to my Scraproom that i might miss something LOL... hehehehe yes, plus does it make it worse when you have ur blackberry and checking it through there lOL


Michelle- I am leaving for the weekend- but am a 3 month subber- i am guaranteed a main kit right? I will prob miss out on any others this month tho since they will be sold out and I have no computer where i am going- actually scrap booking - but no internet!- so can I pay for my sub on sunday evening? I don't think you have it autmatically charged- I will send you an email directly too abut this!

robin m

I'm exhausted -- going to bed. I will still have some $$ to spend in the AM.

Dina K

I'm exhaused too! I will check back in the morning, can't wait to see the kits! :)

Julie Pilch

Has the link gone out yet?


hey michelle...hang in there, it will all work out! :) have a great evening!


NO girl the link still has not gone out LOL.. isnt that crazy were all up and waiting LOL... we should have a chit chat room were we can chat until it comes up with our fraps LOL

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