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April 24, 2008



I haven't rec'd the link. Will you please forward it to me or make sure you added me to the list? Thank you, Michelle! :) Get some rest, girl! LOL


It just arrived in my inbox! :) YEAH!! woohoo! :)


I got the link about half an hour ago, and the kits looks so gorgeous again. I subbed myself for 6 months immediately. :-))


okay cracking up! 1st love the kits!! 2nd I already emailed you michelle without reading this and we will be in Carlsbad in the AM so we can totally come by in the afternoon so just call me! Get some sleep! xoxo


That is hope you are getting some sleep, cuz i'm not, babies up again! :0)


Julie Pilch

Excellent kits again Michelle. Snapped up a 6 month sub and pretty much everything else! Let me know the cost of the Bunny Xing kit so I can paypal you :)


The continue shopping button worked perfectly. The kits look so fun. Can't wait to get them. I switched over to the sixth month for both my daughter's and my sub! Thank you for all your hard work! YOU ROCK!


michelle- I have NOT received the subber email!!! can you please send it? I am assuming that I get the main kit- but want to see the others!!!- send it to me not the Paypal email - thats my husbands-csaxon1@comcast.net - I am leaving now to scrap for the weekend so won't now get this until sunday night - please please make sure you have me as a subber and get the main - just need topay you $$


robin m

Yeah !!! 6 Month subber, addon for the main kit -- good times, good times!!


Again I did not get a link to the subber page. Luckily I have a friend who gets it every time. I get all the other newsletters. Just never this one. It's frustrating. Can you look into this before next month please.

Love the kits! I got the main and the add on. Now just have to wait the long wait till they get here. I wish it was quicker...the anticipation kills me!


No email... No link...I thought I was a subber, but maybe not...
It's okay, I'll watch for them to go on the website and order from there so I don't get left out from getting a kit...
Thanks so much,

Bonnie Peterson

It worked great for me.... got the 6 mo. subscription and was excited. Thanks Michelle, the continue shopping button worked well. .... have a good weekend, can't wait to get the kits :)


Worked great for me :) Thank you so much. I moved up to 6 months and bought the spec. kit. Love it :) Thanks for all your hard work and great kits once again. :)

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