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April 21, 2008



Thanks for updating the etsy site I am super glad to have gotten one of the Tribe kits!
Can't wait to see the newsletter.



omg GIRLFREIND!!! yes thank you so much!!! I ordered over $100 worth of stuff!!! OMG can't wait!! I also ordered the kit!!! I can't wait to get it!!! wooo hooo!!!!


This weekend was FABULOUS!!! I had Friday off - no job, no hubby, no kid- just my kits and me!! I worked on the cupcake one and LOVE how it's coming out. I SO need to get my stuff up on flickr for you to see... ANOTHER free clas son Tues!?!? Hmmmmmm I get out at 4pm and think I can do that! Maybe...


oh gosh i hope i can come to pink! i need to get some pics printed so maybe i can actually finish a book! can't wait to see the new kits!



Hey michelle- Ihad sent an email to you but I know that you sometimes do not get emails- question about the april main kit- was there a stamp that you made that was supposed to be in the kit? also the hambly items? I didn't get a stamp (was excited to get it since you made it) and I didn't get any hambly items - some acrylic thing and 1/2 sheet of paper? is that coming in the box with the may kit? let me know will ya - I will save the kit until then - wait touse it!


woo hoo-go lillie!! :) your class sounded fun!! woo hoo on the extra workshop night! you're helping me get my projects done!! hee :) see you soon! hope you have been doing good!! xoxo :)


Michelle, I just sent an email. Please reply ASAP re: sub. :)
Thank you so much! Have a blessed day! :)

Julie Pilch

Just got my box of goodies - WOW! Amazing stuff, it is like Christmas every month! Just wondered if you had any bunny crossing kits left for sale? Also wondered if you had the pictures for the second part of the ATC class that you could send me? Thanks!!!

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