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May 14, 2008



Nope, not yet... It would be sooo nice to get it before Monday... (hubby leaves for 6mo...sniff sniff)and it would be awesome to have one your fun kits to do on the day he leaves...
Ummm...just one more thing...do I need to sign up with UPS to get a notification from them telling me when my packages arrive?


so they all went in the mail?? no pick ups at the Pink Pineapple? Let me know, I hope it's not sitting at the shop for me!



Just found the shipping confirmation in my inbox- grassyass!

Michele C.

don't mean to rub it in, but...GOT MINE, GOT MINE, GOT MINE!!! I'm loving the cute little whimsy box too! thanks bunches.



awww, I feel your pain Cindy! BUT not anymore...if you're military...my husband just retired from that madness after almost 22yrs. I'm patiently awaiting for the kit still! :)


I just got my ship notice today...I wonder why I got mine so long after they shipped. Did some ship earlier than the others? :( I want my kit!!!

terri k

I got my shipping notice tonight too!! Woo Hoo!! Can't wait!

Samantha, Michelle ran out of boxes so some kits went out a couple of days later.


so if we are a six month subber do we get whimsy boxes every month? If that is true, you just made me the happiest girl on the block.


got my very 1st kit box today! YIPPEE!!!! i just spent the last 1/2 hour paging through all the papers, ribbons, and do-dads...oh my! i can't wait to create! thanks PDW!



can we please have a link update since kits are starting to arrive? I don't see them as working and I refreshed a ton of times.

thanks bunches!!


Hello everyone, I just wanted to pass a little message on to you. Long story short, the other night I was at Michelle's house and all of a sudden the humming of her computer just quit. We looked at each other like what was that, Evan came in and just turned it on, everything seemed fine. Well this morning I got a phone call from Michelle asking me to please come on here and update you all. It happened again...... and this time it blew the power out of her entire house. Alarm clocks and everything. Evan took the power box to work to see if he can "fix it", anyhow cross our fingers she didn't lose anything. I'll update if I hear anything else. Have a great day everyone!!


Michele C.

not a problem....i'm just now starting on Octobers kit!!!! lol

all good things are worth the wait.



Thanks for letting us know, Cierra. I don't want things to get nasty on here like they did a few months ago. Like Michelle C said, all good things are worth the wait. Amen Sister!


Wow! What a mess! I hope they get it all worked out. I don't wish that on anyone!


No worries, I still have last months to do and a couple of other kits. I will be on vacation so hopefully she will be back up and moving smoothly when I get back. Good luck. Computers are sometimes your worst enemy. :) :)


Yikes!! That is my worst nightmare. I'm having heart palpitations because DH got me a new computer and is pressuring me to move all my photos off the old one.
I have a few earlier kits to work on so I'm good with waiting.
Good luck to Michelle!

Michele C.

that is my worst nightmare too!!! this should be a lesson to us all to BACK-UP all those photos we might have on our hard drives. i for one have NEVER done this and i know i'm just tempting fate. gotta do that!!!


cindy j.

Michelle, I just got my kit and it rocks!! Oh my gosh, Polka Dot Whimsy kits are the best! You have the most amazing eye for color and products...and the packaging...the doo dahs look so adorable in their little tin! Thanks tons for all the time and love you put into the kits...it shows big time!! hugs, Cindy J.


Ouch... so funny and sad how something full of plastic pieces can have us on our knees....
I store my photos (all 10k of them)on an external hard drive. My computer did the whole horizontal fit and had to be slicked... my photos were safe on the hard drive... phew...
Thanks for the update Cierra


...guess what Mr. Brown delivered...? Oh yeah baby... my wonderous kit from PDW! THX M!!!
It's so bright, cheery and oh so sweet... I really can't wait to dive into it and start playin'... but, I can't... I have a gazillion things on my plate and the kit will have to sit and wait for me... I promise that it won't sit long, it calls my name as we speak!
Oh...BTW, local girls...(San Diego area) I went into the new Paper Tales SB store in Point Loma... OMGosh... it is such a cute place and they have tons of A Muses Stamps... I'm in love... again!

terri k

Got my kit today and love it!! I didn't want to break the seal, it was all wrapped up so cute like! And the Whimsy box is so cool!

Thanks Michelle and I hope your computer woes are nothing major!


I got my kit today, I love, Love, LOVE it !! Thanks Michelle... The whimsy box is fun and I love how the kit and all were wrapped up with a sticker. Thanks for all the hard work you put into our kits. .... Hope your computer is feeling better fast.


Hey Michelle,

Got my kits and they are all sooo great
The one kit with the paint, the tube was split open at the side and paint is all over everything{ribbons are destroyed and the other items are covered in paint, the lid came off of the plastic cup with the buttons in it the other one I just threw away} can I purchase that goody bag seperately? The stamp is ok bag just covered in paint.




happy friday michelle!! :) got my kits...woo hoo...love them!!! it was wrapped up sooo pretty! thank you for all your hard work that you do...love PDW!!! xoxo


where do we find the links for the kits- specifically the main kit for me ? I always have to have michelle send them to me via email - let me know!!

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