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May 12, 2008



What about our missing items from last month kit? Are they shipping with this kit? As i stated before, I was missing more than the Hambly items.

michelle hill

YES...just FYI... :) have agreat day..


Hey girl just sent you a email can you see if you got it



Super cute mother's day card from your little one- how adorable!

Question: are the local floks picking up their kits at the Pink? I thought you mentioned in your newsletter that you were not doing that anymore? let me know if I should be stalking the mail man or heading the to the Pink!

Thanks so much, can't wait for my goodies!


Hi Michelle,
I tried the kit links last night that were on my May receipt and they were not working. Did you send out another link for the May kits?


hi ann,
o had the same problem until i learned about the refresh button. once i did that the new screen came up..otherwise it was still showing the previous one that had nothing on it....my refresh button is a blue u-turn type arrow up near the top of my screen...left side. hope this helps...looking forward to the new kits!!!!!


I tried my links and I see the border and the title, but no photos or directions... I refreshed it a billion times and cleaned out my cookies folder- but nada... any other suggestions? Or can someone email me the links? proboh@sbcglobal.net


I can't get the link to work either. and I did hit refresh a few times too. I only got the main kit.


She said the links would go live hopefully later this evening. HTH


well, i'm feeling pretty foolish...i thought ann was having trouble with last month's directions.....and i was too until i learned about the refresh button. sorry, i'll go back into hiding.


hi michelle- cute card from your little girl!
did kits ship today (monday?) I didn't get a ups confirmation- has anyone else? my kit says it goes to hubby- brett - he usually forwards any of my mail to me that comes to him- let me know- excited! - the ribbon you showed us looks FAB-- can't wait to get more of that- also the vinyl rub ons - cool!- i like your fun videos!

michelle hill

hi claudeen....only aboy 12-15 kits didn't go out today..i ran out of whimsy boxes...UGGGG :) i will go check if your was mailed :)...i had to have the little boxes overnighted..sorry....i totally thought i ordered enough...but goodness. :)


Hey Michelle, I bought something from you on etsy 3 weeks ago. It was paid through paypal. I have not received anything yet. I have tried e-mailing you with no responses. Did you ship yet? If so, do you have a tracking number? Please contact me. Thank you. Sarah Cannon e-mail:russ.sarah@sbcglobal.net

michelle hill

hi sara..YES those were sent...i contacted etsy to let them know...it was the rubons and metal alphas right.... :) they would have been in a small envelope.. :)



can you call me tomorrow (tues)?



Gosh... I don't miss the issues with companies and their *late* products. When I worked for a S'Booking Co... we had the same issues... uggh you are at their mercy... and 90 women with half of the kits missing things... not a good combo...

ooh... do you have any march kits left?....I still would like one if so... I could come get it at the Pink if needed...


hi - not received my ups code yet- was one of the 12-15 kits mine? I hope not!! but its ok - let me know


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