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May 16, 2008


terri k

HOORAY!! Well, at least now you will have the latest and greatest in computer hardware! LOL!!


dear sweet Michelle: the kits are AWESOME! Hard to decide which one I will do first... Blessed you for your talent. Thanks. Abraços.

shari walker

Michelle when will the directions go up for the special edition kit, got the main kit directions off...


I have never been able to see any of the current kits available. All I see are old kits.


I went through my kit tonight... you know one of the {many} things I really thought was cool.?. there was some little pieces of paper in the kit telling me what was missing and when it should arrive... I really like that! I was informed of what was missing and a picture of what it was... sooo cool... thanks!

Also, I just wanted to tell you that the packaging was so adorable... I'm thinkin' the brown tissue may have a spot on one of my pages in the book...

All the effert and love you give to these kits are extremely appreciated and I'm a happy subber!
Have a great weekend~


Oh my gosh- LOVE your specialty album!!! LOVE IT! You are so good!

shari walker

I recd my box late last nite, and all i can say is wow, love the whimsey box and pattern tissue... and the kits are to die for, hubby wanted to know what all the fuss was and i said its better thn Xmas...What a great job and colors are yummy...

catherine sanicki

Hey Michelle,
Did you send me a kit? I haven't heard from UPS yet? I hope I am not getting stiffed one more time
Catherine Sanicki


hi michelle,
were u able to send my boys speciality kit??? please email me a tracking number if you did. thanks so much pj


Michelle, I sent you an email. Please reply ASAP! Thank you! :)

michelle hill

i did... :)

Julie Pilch

Hi Michelle

Any chance I could have the bunny crossing kit pictures please and the second ATC class pictures if you get a moment. I've had the kit for a few weeks now and been dying to use it. I know you are busy tho :) Thanks!

Julie Pilch

Thanks Michelle! You are a superstar!


Could you please email me pics of the atc kit(the first six months) Thank you sooo much!!!


I love my kit! I got some extra goodies for it last night and I can't wait to get started!! Your kits are the best. i really hope I can make it to the Pink on Wed... what fun!

who were the winners for the make and takes?


I just got back from a trip to OC to find my box from PDW waiting for me!! I was even in your neck of the woods Michelle!! Stopped by The Pink Pineapple (THANK GOD FOR GPS!!!) and saw your 7 days album in person!! It was beautiful!! That is the cutest store, and so is the SB Oasis! Had a blast and I'm jealous of all you Californians!

L. Akins


I sent you an email regarding my kit. Can you please respond? Thank you!


Please let me know that you got me email Thannks!!


loving the kits michelle! any sneak peeks coming up? looking forward...to adding to my pdw kit collections....karen

Julie Pilch

Would love to see sneak peeks for June :)


Hey M.
I emailed you please get back with me thanks


Hey michelle- I emailed you last night and haven't heard back from you yet - did you get my email? I had wondered if the stamp was still not in for the april kit and then had a question about whether you had me on the 6 month sub now (I was charged for a 3 month sub) and didn't get a whimsy box - I know you were out but want to make sure you have me getting one-that was why I signed up for a 6 month vs 3 (besides the extra $ off) let me know will you? ** also the LUXE stickers - Ididn't get them in my may kit!


I was wondering the same thing for the April stamp. Are we going to get it? I got the hambly stuff but no stamp. I am also missing the luxe stickers. Thanks so much!!!!

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