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June 02, 2008



Love the video and your room is sooo pretty. Enjoy!

Julie Pilch

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am soooo jazzed that I won!!!!! Thank you Michelle! Your room looks excellent, just love the videos they are so much fun. Have a great day!


I absolutely love your room--such a fun, happy space! Cute video and how dare you tease us with all those bags from your shopping trip!? Have a wonderful week!

Sally Basiliere

I have faith in you that you will eventually catch up to Britney - LOL. Can't wait to see all the doo-dahs.... Love the video.


Hi Michelle...is your atc class for the July, Aug and Sept? If so...I would like to paypal for two kits. Please let me know the total including shipping...it would be soo great if I could get it sent along with this months PDW kits . Thanks
Grace gmiao1@hotmail.com

Kara B.

Yeah!!! I am so excited!! I never win anything!!! (Well, until now) Can't wait to see all those doo-dahs....Love, love the room!!


I'm soo curious on what those doo-dahs look like... soo cool!

During your video... I just kept thinking and laughing that there would be no way I would show him (my dh) what I had in my scrapbook room... I know he knows what I spend and he's never said much, but I think he would start to grumble at me behind the lens... or make some silly humorous comment about where his money has gone... you have such a patient hubby... =}
Oh, I have an idea I want to email you about... I'll try to do that soon...



pls call me about the buttons--i REALLY need to come get them tomorrow.



Hi Michelle, can you please e-mail me back about a bunch of missing stuff from the March kit? I have tried e-mailing you a few times, but I don't seem to get any response... =( My e-mail is katie@hubach.com.



Cute video. I sooo want to see what is inside those bags! Congratulations to the winners!


Ok Michelle- I had the same thought as another post in which I could NOT show dh all the stuff i have!!- I put alot away and don't open those drawers for dh to see- if he saw all my thickers and clear stamps!!!
I LOVE your stamp wall tho- where did you find those?!I would love to have that many individual little stamps!!! can't wait to see the doo dahs!


I got so excited when I heard you say my name and read my note. Thanks for picking me! Your room looks wonderful - I really enjoy your videos.


super cute video- I absolutly LOVE your Red, White & Blue album!!! Your room rocks too! I want to attack your stamp wall- OMG!


Love your scrap-room!

I just emailed you too! Could you get back to me as soon as you can!


Hi Michelle! I emailed you last week about if you had a wait list for the sunkissed kit? Did you get it??

Maria :)

Vanessa (danzer53)

so many things to say! first off, that mountain of doo dah bags!!!! youre killing me! and your room is gorgeous! so many lovely things!!! and how do you store your acrylic stamps? i have a lot more of those than wood mounted ones, though your WALL of stamps looked delish!


WoW!!! Just had a chance to see the video...I can't see them at work...so I just found out I won.
How exciting!!!!!
I'll email you my info.


Oh....I love your room...it looks great!


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