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June 27, 2008



Michelle, I have emailed you and have not heard back. I'll resend, I guess?? Please answer. Thanks.


Thanks Michelle, just rec'd your reply!

Lynda Volz


I have emailed you several times but never received an email back from you either, can you please resend?


I emailed as well and did not hear back. I will re-email as well

Robin M

Hi Michelle, I just resent my email to you since I did not receive a response.


Hi Michelle,
I sent you a note last week too and re-sent it today!
I am so sorry about your bite and hope it heals quickly for you!!!!


Hi Michelle,

I didn't email but was wondering if June kits shipped. I never r'cvd a shipping confirm. Thanks!


Hello girls,

Can any of you gals help me out... I was wondering if anybody has the link for last months kits?? beside the 4th of July i got that one.. on the other one? does anybody have anything please feel free to email me :)

Thank you,
Janet Gijane5150@aol.com

Julie Pilch

Anyones links working?


None of the links I have tried work for the June kits. If anyone else has a working link for directions to the June kit, please let us know.

Thanks :)


I did not get any links. I did not even get the 4th of july one. :( I was looking for that one. Maybe can someone email them to me gmnuge@yahoo.com


The links aren't working here yet either. Hopefully soon.

Michelle, I hope you are feeling better.


Thanks for responding to my email so quick, and sending me the link :) Love your kits. :)

Michele C.

fyi to everyone....the links are on your packing slip that michelle sends with the kits. it's under the "description" portion of the paypal packing slip. u just need to enter that into your address bar and up it pops (if it's working).


Samantha Seholm

I still have not recieved an email back. Thanks

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