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June 06, 2008


Stacy L

Oh no you poor thing! That happened to me two years ago. I felt violated when they stole my camera. It had my youngest daughters 2nd birthday pictures and Halloween pictures.


I am so SORRY to hear this Michelle!!! ((hugs))


Omg, Michelle...this is horrible! I truly believe in karma!! Whomever did this will get it back big time! So sorry this happened to you. :*(

Michele C.

oooohhhh...so feeling your pain right now. when our house was broken into and they stole my laptop, i was heartbroken and depressed for months. all those pictures that i never put onto a disc or printed...gone...lost forever. so sorry it happened to u.



Sorry this happened. Keeping you in my thoughts.


Do you have On Star? My friend had it on her car, she knew she locked it, but somehow it got broken into...twice! hmmmm...

Don't forget to put a block on your SS#... just incase.

I'll say a pray for you and your family.


terri k

{{{HUGS}}} to you Michelle! That is awful!

hari walker

I am so sorry you had this happen and have to go thru this,I have worried about this happening and take everything out of the car, you never know... MY hubby has a gps and even when we travel he takes it out and it goes with us...Big Hugs for all of you....


I am soooo sorry you are going through this! I know how violated you can feel after something like this. It has happened to us before. Huggs to you and I hope you get your camera back and definitely put a block on your social security number or you could be looking at identity theft. Good luck with all the mess you have to deal with and I hope they catch the icky people who did this before they do it to someone else. (((HUGSSSS)))

Sally Basiliere

How awful for you, Michelle. I'm so sorry. I hope they catch the person or persons that did this.


My house was broken in to 3 years ago. They took everything: camera,video camera, computers,videos games, videos systems. They even went through all of my boys' autographed baseballs and took the ones that they liked and ate our food. On my camera, were the pictures of my sons' college graduation. I don't have a single picture. It makes you feel so violated and question trusting anyone. The blessing in this is that you and your family were not hurt. It is very tough to say because I cried for weeks when it happened to me, but the material things can be replaced.

lauri thomas

oh girlie, i am so sorry. ((hugs))


I hope they catch the rat bastards.


You must feel terrible! That has never happened to us THANK GOD but when they broke into my neighbor's she said she felt yucky and violated. So sad. Look at the bright side, they didnt go inside your house, thank God and about your camera, well just get a better next time ;)
Hope you feel better.

Robin M

Michelle, so sorry that this happened to you. I leave my purse in my truck and it's in the garage but my DH still gets upset. My next to next door neighbor's house caught fire this afternoon. No one was hurt but the house is very heavily damaged. Even my next door neighbor had some damage!

Sandra L.

So Sorry to here about the theft situation :(




Hey M.
Im soooo sorry 4 what happened 2 you.... Hey remb one thing even cops (me being one) most pro-active one by the way.. My car was broken in also ahhhh Trust me i know what your feeling... ONE THING 4 sure is im sooo glad that you have the Serial # for your camera.. One thing I would do tomorrow morning is hit the local pawn shops !!! that's one thing cops dont say.. but hello I love my job and that's my specialty!!! SO CHECK THERE!! it's alot of work but it's worth it!!
Also make sure you give the serial number to the officer that took the report. AND MAKE SURE it gets ENTERED!!! ya hear me! okay enough said.. I'm going to visit my family up in the OC and I can't wait to go to the pineapple STORE!! OMGYYyyyyy can't wait to pick up my kits!! OMG i can't believe i BOUGHT EVERYTHING ON THE SITE!!!my honey cought me saying yea right you want to save on shipping hehehe LOL.. Hey i tried but he bought into and were going there then hit my home team (GOOOO ANGELS!!) whoooo hooo!! well chica let me know if you need any guidance on anything :) your friend po po


awww baby girl! I'm soooo sorry to hear that. I have an attachment to my camera and would've been more sick over that than any other possession. Sad, but true. I really pray that you're at least able to recover your things, catch these creeps, and protect yourself from identity theft. Take care girl!


Terrible, terible, TERRIBLE!!! I'm so sorry- what a mess! I really hope they catch whoever did this!!


That just plain ole' sucks. I hope the police can catch the bad guys and I also believe that Karma will get them in the end.

Take care!


So sorry!!!!

Sending big hugs your way!


oh! i just got a chill. i am so sorry! just sorry.

crazy rachel

WOW! Michelle that is crazy! So sorry to hear this! We need a neighborhood watch or something! You should defiantly check the pawn shops up in o-side!


Hey Michelle can you please email me back.. I sent you an email.. reference my visit to cali for tomorrow and wednesday..

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