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June 24, 2008



Did anyone get the links to work for either kit?


can someone please email me the dreams and wishes link? It's not working??


shari walker

Could someone pls send me the link as i never recd, also Michelle i sent you my email again, i had several missing items

shari walker

I didn't even get the link, could someone send...PLSSSSS

Robin M

The link is in your paypal receipt. I think it's the item number.
I haven't gotten an email back from you yet. I did resend it this afternoon.


Are you talking about the links for the directions for the June kits? I have tried links on my paypal receipt and they do not work. Has anyone else got links to work for June directions? thanks :)

Lisa K in TX

Did anyone get the subber email tonight???

shari walker

The invoice number doesn't work either, did she post the links for june...


Looking for links to June project and for missing items from June kit. I have now sent 2 emails on this.

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