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June 10, 2008



Lot's of big things going on for your family!! what great accomplishments!

Looking forward to the video so we can take a peek into your chaotic kitting- WE LOVE IT!

L. Akins

So the kits are not shipping until you receive the albums?

cheryl higgins

Michelle ... somewhere down the
road something good will come
from all the misery of your car
break in. just remember God cannot put something good in your
hand while you are holding on to
old things. btw i have lots of
patterns you can have just for
the shipping.


My LSS has had those albums for almost a month- I can't believe you haven't gotten them yet. I am so ready to get the kits. I emailed you twice about getting you patterns but never received a response. I am guessing you don't need them?

Julie Pilch

Any luck with the albums? I feel for you as we have even had them in my LSS in the UK! Are the links going to be up and running soon?

Samantha Seholm

Hi Michelle I emailed you a few days ago can you please email me back. Thanks Samantha

Julie Pilch

Hello Michelle any sign of the kits going out or instruction links working? Not chasing just excited to get my goodies as they are really really good!

Stacy Leal

Got my ship notice late last night. Mine is scheduled to be delivered today! So glad because I'm going on vacation next week and wanted to bring some scrapping with me.

susan Lew

Hi Michelle. I STILL have not received the stamps from the April kit nor the stickers from the May kit. I have emailed you multiple times. Please let me know what is going on. thanks!


Yay- I just got my UPS notice.... Can't wait for Tuesday to get here. I never got my April stamp or stuff from the May kit. I was also missing the Luxe label stickers from last months kits. Are these all coming with this months? Ooooh I am excited!!!


I think michelle said that the april stamp would come with the may stamp and missing items? hopefully she put them with the june kit- will you let us know what is coming in the june kit from the previous kits that were missing stuff michelle - just so we k now what to expect!! also I am excited to see my whimsy box! thanks!

Stacy L

Received my kit tonight. It doesn't have the albums they're on backorder until the 25th. She'll be sending the missing stamps, etc. along with the album when she receives them. Hope that helps.

Julie Pilch

I haven't even received a shipping notice :(!! I seem to get my kits now the day or so before the next kits come out!! Not to worry I know you are busy. Would love to see the instruction links though.


can't wait until tuesday for me!!


Michelle- Please know that I say this as constructive criticism, not out of anger. It is just frustrating that we are promised certain things each month and then they are backordered and we don't get them until the next month.... Can you just put things in the kits that you actually have in your possession? That way we aren't hoping for stuff that ends up getting delayed. I know that things happen and orders get screwed up (trust me I completely understand) but it is just frustrating to open a box that is missing things that we were looking forward to. Overall it would save you postage (lord knows how much you spend each month shipping these things out) if you didn't have to send out the backordered stuff at a later date. Just my two cents..... I still LOVE the kits, I would just like to get all the goodies that I am eagerly awaiting. Thanks!!!


I just wanted to let you know I received my kits today. Thanks! I can't wait to play with them.

S. Anguiano

Hi Michelle! Got my June collection kit yesterday. It's lovely! I can't wait to make something really fun with it. Thanks!


Does anyone know if there is a project link available for the June kits? If so, where.

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