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June 25, 2008



Where is the link to the June kit project???


- I am having issues paying in the paypal account... wondering if I was too late :(


Hey Michelle,

Whats the status on the June links!?! As well as links for July? I don't want to buy anything unless I know for sure that I am getting everything I am paying for... including the links. I just want to make sure it will not take a whole month.

Let me know! Thanks so much


this is totally not kit related but you should make a blinkie. as i cruise around the world wide web i noticed that alot of clubs and manufacturers have these blinkie things. i would gladly put your blinkie on my blog. love the kits as usual! just debating whether or not i need all of them! hope you're feeling better. big hugs {{pj}}

shari walker

I need the links to the June kits, pls and have missing items from the june kits, sent you an email twice


michelle does have a blinkie!!! not sure where to find it tho!


Those who want the links for the June kit...what do you do with them? Do you copy her book how she has done it or what?


Hi Michelle, I like have the links on your blog so much easier than waiting for an e-mail. The new kit looks great....keep up the great work.


hey michelle - i have emailed you a few times about my june kit, please send me a response when you can. thanks.

Lynda Volz


I have emailed you 5 times in the last 2 weeks and haven't received one response. Please email me back about the ATC kit, (you said they would ship out last Wednesday but I have not received a thing), the June instructions, (still cannot view the links) and the fact that I received a duplicate order for June, (what should i do with the extra order?). PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND SOME WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!

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