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June 25, 2008


shari walker

What about the june links for the kits, i never recd them and would sure like them..


Same here, no links. Have posted and emailed several times with no response!!! Also missing items from the June kit...no response on that either.
Getting frustrated.

Julie Pilch

I still didn't get an email but I bought the kits using the links on this blog.


How about an update on the links?


PS- when you click the July collection kit, the June one comes up....

Amy J

Any update on the albums from the June kit? Even if we had working links, we still wouldn't have an album to put it in.

Lynda Volz

Has ANYONE heard back from Michelle? I have sent several emails to her with absolutely NO RESPONSE!!!

Samantha Seholm

Michelle please email me I have sent you several emails and have not gotten a response. Thanks

Julie Pilch

After a week of holiday anyone would be running a bit behind, sometimes it takes a while to get emails back but I always get a response. It is annoying not having the links for last months kits but Michelle is probably working on them and we will get them in the end. New kits look lovely looking forward to getting them :)



You have mail!
Thanks, Veronica

Lynda Volz

I understand that she would be behind because she was out of town. But a simple email to let us know that she is at least getting the emails would be great and professional. Yes, I agree that she could get these links out, they are getting later and later in getting out every month...now she is a month behind...July kits are out, but June instructions not up yet? Not really good.

I sure hope to hear from her soon!

Love her kits, just wish the customer service was better.


Am I the only one who still hasn't received the email with the July kits? I know she posted the links...but I feel so left out! I guess I'll email Michelle and hope she writes back!


Hi Michelle, I just ordered the July Specialty Kit (MY FIRST ORDER!) but the shipping is only showing up as $1.50. I have clicked on the Paypal button several times and it is always only $1.50 so I went ahead and ordered it this way and then you can let me know when it is fixed or what I should do. I just didn't want to wait because everytime I wait they sell out!



I agree with Lynda. these kits are so great- but what is the use when items are missing, links are not posted and service is diminishing.

I would love to purchase a July kit, but I don't know if/when I would receive anything, and I'm still waiting to hear back on previous emails.

I know Michelle has a family and life to tend to, but business is business and customers like ourselves should not need to settle for less.

Lynda Volz

I agree Euphoria! AMEN to that. No but seriously, I dont know why she cant return emails in a timely manner. I'm not one to complain, I can tolerate a lot, but this is getting crazy!


I agree, we are just asking for what we paid for...and we paid for this 30 days ago. Especially when the missing stamps date back to April's kit.
I don't usually complain and do not want to be negative as I too love the kits! However, I will not be ordering anything new until I get everything I have paid for.


Hey michelle- just wanted to let you know that i never got the subber links but I was able to order my main kit from your link on the blog- wanted you to know this to make sure I get the email for next month- -

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