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July 16, 2008


L. Akins

I've called UPS regarding my package and they have no information except that billing information was received. UPS said you need to call and place a tracer on the package. Only the shipper can do that. They are not even showing that it was pick up. I am not trying to make a big fuss but I truly need to arrange for someone to pick this up for me due to my travel schedule. I will be without computer access after thurs. So if possible, can you please assist. Thank you.


In my world things go wrong everyday also, nice to know were not alone huh girlfriend. Wish I could make it to the pink tonight.
Love all that you do, keep up the good work.

gayle nugent

Well it sounds like you are having a crazy time. I hope your mom is feeling better. I think it is a good idea you hold off on new kits until the missing material from the old kits are sent out. I never seem to have a problem with you getting back to me with email, I always get a response? So no worries there for me. 900 emails is a lot. I get about 50 and I can not keep up. so good luck with that. Well keep positive, your kits are great and everything else will get together sooner or later. :) :) :)

shari walker

I don't have a problem with you returning emails, and the missing items i know you'll get caught up, don't worry..I hope your Mom is OK, boy you have had enough, the break in, the war wound and your mom, you need a rest, when it rains sometimes it pours...I keep a list at home of all the credit cards i carry, the numbers to call if i need, i have the credit unions number in case I lose a check book, i learned all this from a friend...


hi michelle- excited to see a video would also love to see the kit process! I will miss the extra kits next month but so glad I have the main! love your kits tons - i feel bad that you have things that come up that are out of your control- I think it is a good idea to sub stuff in kits if you don't get it from the mfrs in time- then people will feel they got what they paid for- can't wait for july to get here!


Thanks for the updates and the working links.
On an email note have you thought about opening an email account JUST for PDW customers? Gmail is free, can be accessed anywhere and has a GREAT spam filter- just a thought- maybe that would help with the 900 emails and the server issues you have been having.
Thanks again for the updates, sounds like you have a good plan in place for next month.


Hi Michelle, Just wanted you and your subbers to see this link (I hope this is o.k. to post) to show that you're not the only kit business that has problems with getting their product on time and I'm sure others will join me in support of your efforts to do the best you can to have the products on hand in time for our kits. Keep up the good job! Sheila

Robin M

Hope your mom continues to improve. You've got lots going on just like all if us. I love your kits and your inspiration. hang in there and give yourself a hug from me.

amy s

Mine is on it's way scheduled to arrive today! Left San Marcos at 9 PM last night, hit Cerritos this morning and now is on it's way to ME! Thank you so much Michelle! Hang in there...you are going to catch a break soon! So sorry to hear about your mom! We are praying for her!!
xoxo amy

Amy J

Hey Michelle- I was just looking at the June links and I cannot see what you did with those circles? The chipboard ones from the add on kit? Are you going to add words to the link? If not that is fine, but I was just trying to figure our how you did those pages and where the circles were used. Thanks so much!!!!


Hope your mom is doing ok. My package is out for delivery, will get it today YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Paula P

I just got my July kit- it's my first one and I love it! Thanks and keep up the good work! Now that I found you, please don't stop!


I've tried emailing two or three times over the past two months w/no response from pdw...does this blog mean items missing from the "all mine" kits (ie, the owls, etc...) will also be shipped soon?

michelle hill

hi TK..i just emailed you.. :)

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