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July 17, 2008


Jennifer C

Thanks Michelle ~ I got my kits today and I LOVE them ~ Take CARE!!


just got my kits also, love them. thanks

Robin M

I want my kits too!!!! oh well ---- at least I'm on vacation in cool British Columbia and not in the sweltering heat of the AZ desert. I'll have something to look forward to during the long drive home. sigh.....


Hi M,
FYI. I got my kit too! Thanks a bunch. DeVonne


Hi Michelle,
I sent you a note a couple of times and havent heard back yet,
can you send me a reply when you get a chance. Thanks :)
I got my kit and LOVE it!!!
I cant wait to see the demo for the cover!!!

Jet Mattiesing

Hello there !!!

Just a quick question ; are the kits allready shipped to Europe? A lot of scrapgirls are waiting en getting no answer when the send you an email .... Maybe you are a bit busy and didn't have time to answer but we just would like to know what's happing.

With kind regards from a cold Holland .......


Got my July main kit today! Thank you Michelle! It's beautiful. And thanks for sending my items out that were missing. I appreciate it!

Chrstine Hazelton

Hi Michelle:
It's Monday 7/21 and I have not received my kit I ordered off etsy yet. Can you check on it and let me know the status.
Christine in Valley Center

Cris Cunningham

Got my July kit and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Thanks so much:-)


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