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July 14, 2008



I'm sad, my first official tracking number in my inbox??? what happened to the personal drop offs M???? Just kidding, miss you though! :0)

by the way i had 2 tracking emails??? normal?


What about the other missing items and the links?

Julie Pilch

Hi M

I haven't had a tracking number yet. If the goodies are coming without the album from last month will I have to wait till my August kit goes out before I get my album? Any news on the links?



Any hope for the links or other missing items? I have emailed you a few times, but haven't heard back.
Thank you.


The June Main link is up. Thanks Michelle, did ya get your new camera???? do ya love it? see ya tomorrow night! can you bring all of the june kits for me pretty please!


L. Akins

I received my tracking information 2 days ago. But it still says billing information received. Did the package actually ship or just the label was printed? Please let me know. I am going out of town on Thurs and I have to arrange for someone to pick up for me. Michelle can you please send me an email concerning this.

Thank you.


Michelle, any chance of getting more frequent updates? This lack of communication is not good enough. People are paying for goods and not receiving them. When are the kit links supposed to go up every month? No other kit club seems to have these problems it is becoming ridiculous.

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