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July 24, 2008



Just wondering if you got my email?


Sounds like some exciting changes coming up in the future!! That is so awesome, hope everything works out!! Your kits are so wonderful and it sounds like they are only going to get better! Can't wait!!

shari walker

Have not been disappointed with PDW ,love the kits, and the new adventure sounds exciting....keep up all the good work....


I love your kits Michelle! They are so packed and full of wonderful goodies. I understand you are a one-woman operation, and I trust you will get our items to us as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for everything!


Michelle - I have still not heard back from you. I keep reading in the blog the backordered/missing items are going out...can you please be more specific? I know you are a small business, but no response from emails and blog posts get to be a little frustrating when you have items on backorder now for 2 1/2 months...Hope to hear from you soon:)

Amy J

hey michelle- I have emailed you twice this week? Have you gotten them?


I emailed hoping to be on the waitlist for subscription. Hope you got my email; hope i get a sub Thanks!

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