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September 25, 2008



{sigh}... I so wish I could do the crop tonight. =[
... I would love for the UPS man to come to my door today... I know, it's not going to happen... but a girl can dream can't she!? geezzz... waiting stinks!!!!

L. Akins


Can you respond to my email when you get a chance.

Thank you


Grateful. interesting that the spec kit is called this and what you wrote about it. after mom suddenly died i was talking with my pastor and one of the main points he was trying to get across to me was to be grateful. be grateful for all that my mom was and all that my mom did, not only for us girls but our children and those around her. this very well could become my tribute album to my mom. thank you.

Sally Basiliere

Let me know how the crock pot cake comes out. If it's good, I want the recipe. I've been wanting to try one of these recipes.


oooh thanks so much for the pixie stick :) Love all ur freebies and treats :) How about sending us a slice of ur cake in our kit boxes :)

Cheryl Ryan

Can't make it tonight... but will be there October 11th!! Can't wait for that!! This is a first for me... I am coming by myself... my two other ladies that I go everywhere with are go to celebrate LA or a convention out of town... BUMMER...
I am sure I will meet new people and make new friends...

Hope your crock pot goodie comes out...so you can make another for October 11!!!

Lynda Volz


Have you completed the instructions for the Sept kits? I do not see them on the link?


Any possibliity you can reply to my three emails..


michelle, i sent you an email. please reply so i know you got it. thanks michelle! :) have a great weekend!

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