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September 19, 2008



I love my PDW kits. They are such a great value! I am a huge fan of Maya Road. They have the best mini books. Pick me, pick me.

Bibi R.

You are making it SOOOO hard for me to not sub! Love the kits! and yellow...is my favorite color at the moment, lol! Can't wait to see the Oct. kit...LOVE Weathervane!


Very yummy stuff! Pick me. :)

Laura Mullek

I love Maya road! i would love to win! Pick me choose me, love me (direct quote from meredith on grey's anatomy)

Stormy Easton

I love the Sept kit and add-on, I love all my PDW kits! Can't wait to see what you have in store for Oct!!


it's so nice from you!!
everything looks great on this picture!!

Stacy Leal

Love it! Pick me:)


Honestly... every month is like Christmas when you're a PDW subber.

Steph A.

Looooove Maya Road! Loooove the PDW kits at Pink Pineapple! Can't wait to see October's!

Netty Coleman

Very cute stuff...Pick me!!!

Betsy Smith

SOOO cute!!! I heart my Sept. spec kit, best eva!


love it!

pick me please1!1



One of these days I will be able to sign up for the kit.

In the meantime...your giveaways are awesome!!

Thanks for all you do!

Vanessa (danzer53)

love yellow! for sure a fall favorite! the giveaway looks awesome!


wowza, that's an awesome giveaway! and I love ALL my PDW kits, ESPECIALLY the halloween one this month!!


Love Maya Road and your so sweet to do giveaways...


all of you classes are the best! can't wait for next sunday!!


I finally caved a few days ago and subbed, I could not stand it anymore!...lol...I absolutely love the look of your kits! Can't wait to get it, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for October! I am sure whatever it is, it will be awesome! That giveaway looks like a beauty....crossing my figers...;)


cute stuff!! You can put me on the list!


i just love it all maya roads+ pdw what a wonderful combo,pick meee.


ohhhh pretty stuff! I hope you pick me!


Love Maya Road! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lisa K in TX

Love me some Maya Road. ;) Can't wait to see the newsletter! Thanks! Lisa K in TX

ashley may

k, so the halloween kit rocks... it's my favorite pdw kit ever! i can't wait to get started after halloween. gotta hit the hay- we're off to watch tennessee play florida in the morning. a maya road giveaway just might help ease the pain for me, since it's expected to be a huge loss for the volunteers...lol! oh well, i'm loyal...go big orange!

Robin O

Cool giveaway - love the maya road :)

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