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September 22, 2008



Wow! What awesome stamps! Well, for fall, i LOVE to bake pumpkin loaf. there is something about Halloween, and the cooler weather, that makes me want to bake something with pumpkin in it! Especially something warm, with a sweet sauce smothered all on top! Yum!

Laura Mullek

Being from the south, i ALWAYS make sweet potato pies. They are fab! also, must make a pumpkin roll with cream cheese. yummm!


I love to decorate the for fall. All the orange and brown hues. As for cooking, we just made some delicious iced pumpkin cookies, and I am just about to start a pot of Curry Chicken corn chowder ( first time with this recipe)

Love your kits, and looking forward to the full review on the 25th

Stormy Easton

I LOVE fall. I love going to the pumpkin patch and I wish we had apple orchards around where so we could pick apples! Fried apples are one of my favorites for fall. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water!


I have no idea what you are searching for to finish the kits, but I bet we will love it. Put me down for one of those Apple Cider kits, even with just a peek I'm sold. My birthday is today on the first full day of fall and it's my favorite season.

Dawn Cornelius

Thanks for all of the giveaways. The stamsp are all so cute. I agree there needs to be a lot more hours in the day.


My favorite fall event is the arrival of Brachs Indian Corn at the stores! It's one of my favorite candies!


What an awesome giveaway- acrylic stamps- those owls are just too cute!
My favorite thing about fall is the change in weather and the smell of the leaves and the crunching under your feet. I live in the PNW and I really, truly enjoy the rain and everything fally. I love going to the pumpkin patch and picking out our pumpkins and buying some fresh acorn squash for a yummy casserole- that even the kids like!
The sneak peeks look so great- loving all the October Afternoon!!!


loven the owls, Marina


Oh, my favorite fall active, My birthday!!!! Marina

Wendy Schoonhoven

What a great give-away. Fall is definitely my favourite season of the year. I love the colors of the leaves and the smell of the sun in the cold air. My favourite thing to do in the Fall is going to the woods with my family and taking gorgeous family pictures...I always love how they turn out with all those beautiful colors you can find then. Can't wait to go to the woods again real soon... xxxWendy.


love the october sneak peeks!!

Vanessa (danzer53)

congrats to the winners! love those stamps! my guess is that you are looking for a spacial vintage flower for the kits, or a certain kind of button...good luck in your doo dah hunt and have fun at the show!

Vanessa (danzer53)

oh duh! my fav fall activity....evey year my boyfriend and i take a 6 hour drive to Lake George NY and go to the 'Worlds Largest Yardsale" then drive around after and look at all the gorgeous fall foliage...its perfect!


thank you for the chance at the giveaway. i love it! My favorite activity...that's hard cause I love them all...maybe the apple farm we visit every year...definitely the pumpkin patch...Harvest festival at church...oh, and the annual trip to the beach (Fort Bragg...kinda chilly)... :)


SUHWEET! Michelle, I wish I could give you some of my hours but I need all I've got with my three kiddos and one on the way! Take care, love your kits!

Faye Warriner

Congrats to the winners. My favorite fall activity is to go to Apple Hill for all the harvesting fun and craft booths. It is a blast to go to all the different farms.

Stacy Leal

My favorite things about fall besides Halloween is finally being able to wear all the warm snugly sweaters:) Oh and boots, can't wait to be able to wear my new boots!


I love the owls! I hope that you are looking for a really cool turkey :)


Love your give-a-ways! The stamp sets are so cute.
What's not to love about Fall? Even in AL the nights are cooler and the days are "sunshiny" and breezy. It's a great lead in to Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas!


Wow I missed the last give away.. I love to walk this time of year!!!

Awesome stamps.

Becky Poole (Rebekahboo)

OH My!!! I absolutely adore Oliver and friends. I definitely need Olivia to match him up with. Awesome!

tonya boone

i love the leaves falling.. also college football on saturdays.

wow loving all these giveaways..
cute stamps

Jennifer C

thanks Michelle ~ AWESOME giveaway!!! My favorite thing about fall is visiting apple farms and pumpkin patches and baking cinnamon chocolate chip bread ~ YUMMY! I am having so much fun w/ the creepy crawlers kit ~ so many cool papers & embelishments+++!! Thanks again~


Ooh I love Fall. It means Flannel Pj's, hot soup, hot chocolate...I am always ready for the next season. I love going pumpkin hunting and then carving with my kids. I love all those stamps. Thanks Michele you are awesome!

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