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September 22, 2008



The kit for October looks fab, I can't wait to get it. Also great give-away...I always wish I would win one...


wow!!! more goodies you rock & so do the vendors... is there a way we can thank them???


I'm not much of a cook but I can't wait until it cools off and I can make a big pot of tortilla soup :) And pasta sauce...

Tran Quach

What do I like about fall... I would have to say, the weather starts cooling down and I can finally scrap without sweating nor have a fan blowing my project away. Woohoo!



Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons. The leaves are so beautiful and the airs smells of football. My main reason is that both of my children were born in the fall, making this time extra special to me!


I absolutely love fall with the changing colors of the leaves, but my favorite fall pastime is picking pumpkins and apples! Happy Fall!


cheryl higgins

really cute owl stamps. I have a
cute pattern for owls made with

Cindy McAllister

I love fall and especially Halloween. Can't wait! Last year we had almost 300 Trick or Treaters. Just adorable. My guess is that you went looking for a particular color of buttons and ribbons. Can't wait to see.

lissette mendez

i love those cutie-pie owls!! They would be perfect on my Halloween kit! I can't wait to get it. It looks so awesome!! Thanks for putting it together. My favorite fall activity? Carving jack-o-lanterns, of course!


My favorite season for sure! I think I may have to pick up that Apple Cider kit- Cutie Pie stuff! I am a sucker for those harvest earthy colors. My favorite thing about fall...besides how beautiful the trees are, is that with the cool crisp air I sleep like a ROCK!!!No AC- it's great. It gets pretty cool here in Illinois. Although right now we are enjoying an indian summer.

Adrian Veteikis

I love to cook taco soup when it starts to get cooler.....homemade chocolate chips cookies aren't so bad either!


I so love the stamps! Thanks for the chance to win!

brandon owens

Fall is when I start making my list of Holiday gifts...all homemade...it's a list that about Dec 10 gets radically changed with a super shopping trip instead (projects not finished!)


Oh my! Another awesome giveaway! You are the best!! :)


another awesome month. me, i love football in the fall...pro and my fav college teams.......looking forward to next month once again! karen


So many fun fall activities. I baked cookies tonight and love the smell in the house. We do lot of baking here the next few months. Love to drive up to Big Bear and see all the colors of fall on the trees. Plus my birthday in Oct. and of course the fun of Halloween! ....... So glad Fall is here:)


What a cole stamps!
A great giveaway, i have never won so i am gona cross my fingers!
My favorite thing about fall is the leaves that falling and the changing colors, walking with my dog in the forrest and after the lang walk enjoy a piece of my home made apple pie or chocolate pie :-)

Greetings from Holland


congrats to the winners! For the fall, I love to cook thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings...it's just so nostalgic to have all the smells wafting through the house!

Wendy Antenucci

Love the sneak peaks and the giveaway! Love the PDW kits, I have mine sitting on the table that I get to rip into in just a minute!


I recently found you! What a treasure - great site - Thanks for offering the RAK - my fave thing is picking apples in the orchard and whipping up some apple crisp (lots of cinnamon!) YUMMY!

Sally Basiliere

Hope you enjoyed the concert. Lovin' your kits - can't wait till the retreat so I can get caught up. I hear you about needing more hours. LOL


loving the kits and the sneaks and the giveaways!
Chinese Chocolates
melt 1 pkg chocolate chips & 2 pkgs butterscotch chips in a double boiler. add 1 12oz can salted cocktail peanuts and 1 5oz can chow mein noodles. spoon onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. refrigerate immediately. keep covered in refrigerator (i put them in tins).

ashley may

Well, I love fall! This morning it was 48 degrees here in East Tennessee and it will be up in the upper 70's this afternoon. It's perfect weather. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I just ordered my daughter a hotdog costume from Pottery Barn Kids....so exciting. Well, off to have lunch at Kindergarden- gotta love the cafeteria food! Can't wait to see the new kits.

L. Akins

I finally received my Sept Kit. I love your kits Michelle. I am loving this giveaway.

Michele Candelaria

Fall is my favorite time of year for the following reasons:soccer starts up again...halloween...my birthday...thanksgiving...christmas...new years. love the smells and being able to cozy up on the couch in front of the fireplace. i'm definitely a fall/winter person.

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