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January 15, 2009


rachel in Cali.

so cute! hope all the kinks get worked out and you are able to have time to return emails and such, but also to breath and create.
hey michelle, still wondering if you ever received a little gift I sent you over the holidays?

rachel in Cali.

oops i meant "breathe" ;0)

Stormy Easton

love tis Micjelle. I sure hope you get all the kinks worked out, I'd hate to not see PDW become the fabulous club that I know it has the potential to be!


Ohhhhh.... I LOVE THIS! So Cute! I can't wait! Your kits ROCK!!!


How cute is this?!?! Can't wait for Feb. 25th! :)


Looks cute, Michelle!!


OMG!! LOVE the colors!!!! PDW is PERFECT for PINK LOVING ME!!! ** those kits will go liveon the 25th of feb BUT am I guaranteed the kit because i had signed up as a subber?? hope so can't miss this kit--- let us know


loving the sneak peak :) can't wait to see the full contents of the kit!!

Lynda Volz


Can you check your email. I sent you an email in regards to my December kits. I did not receive my speciality kit, I only received the main kit. Can you please let me know when I will receive the speciality kit?? Thank you


Hello. I just sent you an email about refunding my money for the Jan and Feb sub. Please let me know if there is someplace else I need to contact you.


m, i just sent 2 emails. will you please reply asap so i know you rec'd them? thanks :)


Michelle, I just sent an email again. Thank you!

Lynda Volz


Can you please respond in regards to my December specialty kit? thank you


Loving this set!

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