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February 10, 2009



dang...the first one NEVER gets picked. anyways...week is going good and looking forward to friday at the expo.

have a good one!



Looking good! Now go sign up for the Carlsbad 5000! DO it; just Do it! Do it- Do it - do it!

ashley may

you'll be so happy to have hardwood floors~ it will be worth the hard work! enjoying my day here in tennessee...it's 70 and beautiful. have a lovely week.


I would love a big ole box of goodies! I teach scrapbooking to my elementary students every Friday and they love when I bring in the stuff I cleaned out- they would have a ball with one of those big ole' boxes!
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


I big ole box of goodies...sounds good to me.

tia shields

Your scrap room is amazing! I also wanted to say hi! i would love to win. Also you were checking to see if you had any left over kits for feb, let me know!

tonya boone

i love a box of goodies.. so sign me up..


Your new hardwood floor look AmAzing!!!!...Congrats on your new look!!!...:)...enjoy! ;-)

Raquel Myers

I would totally pay for the shipping just to get that free stuff. The floor looks good! I've hardwood floors at home, and I TOTALLY love them.

I'm doing good. I am 22 weeks pregnant now, and it is a boy!! School is kicking my butt, because I'm tired all the time. I don't know how you did it, and how you are handling it with all of your kids! ;) Any news on another scrapbooking retreat? I REALLY enjoyed myself the last time!

Ok, I better get going then. I'm in Family Law and I have to pay attention. Take care girl!


Good morning.. Your room is looking wonderful..

cheri p.

I would LOVE if my husband was that handy around the house!! I have to call someone to fix stuff around here...even the easy fixes. I have wanted hardwood floors for so long...lucky you!!


Laura Mullek

I want to win!


Your floor looks awesome!!! We are thinking of putting in hardwood floors, but our kids are still small and we are afraid of them cracking their heads on it! :) Thanks for the chance to win!


I would love to win a big box of paper love! Pick me, pick me:)


I love wood floors! I'm so jealous of your scraproom- mine is my dinning room table! LOL :o)

Hook it up with those goodies, I'll totally pay shipping to some scrappy goodness!


Looks great, I have hardwood floors, love them. Looks like you will have a even more awesome scrap room then before. Week is going great so far, did you like all the rain? More coming.


Kim Cortez

Hi there Michelle! How fun would winning a box of goodies be?? I am just hanging out with my 5 month old son trying to get caught up with his baby book. Is it bad that he is 5 months old and I have only done his first month? Anyway have a great day!
Kim from Fresno


Everything is looking good! My hubby just put in laminate flooring and I love it!!! My scrap room is still carpet but its all good.
Pick me and I will pay for the shipping or better than that - pick it up from your house. Not too far from temecula. ha, ha...


Hey there!!

Floors look great!
Hope you are doing well!


gosh girl,youre room is going to look awesome ive discovered youre site and love it,i envy you so much,i have a corner in our loft,oh well it will do..LOL..love to win those goodies........

brandon owens

i would love to win...unemployed and broke...free scrap stuff would be perfect!


lisa k in tx

looks like some cool loot! ;) lisa k in tx

Dawn Cornelius

The floors are beautiful. I have hardwood throughout my house, and I just love it. My week is already crazy, and it is only Tuesday. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Lori Kendall

yippee skippee!!! who doesn't love a box of give aways?? who is excited about the up coming 4 day weekend?? ME!!!!


oooh are you going to be at the scrapbook expo this weekend?

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