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May 12, 2009



Now that is a lot of fabric! I can only imagine the stack you kept!


What a great giveaway...I totally sew! Love to make my own pillowcases, you can get real creative and my friends an family LOVE them. I am also covering an album for our Hawaii trip last July. An now my new favorite... using it in my albums (got that from you - Thanks!)


Michelle--spill, please! I am in SF and the Bay area enough so that I would love to check it out next time I am there!! Suzy


That would be awesome- my mother (who is retired) is an avid quilter and volunteers at a Women's prison teaching prisoners to quilt- I am sure they could put quite a dent in that stack in no time!

I personally love that your kits contain fabric strips, they are one of my favorites each month.


ooooh...I LOOOOVE fabric!




ohhhh I just started to get into Fabric - making my own books love the colors!!

Rebecca M

Yay for fabric!! Looks so fun!


Your fabric is the BEST!!!!

Michele C.

i just got a new sewing machine...haven't tried it out yet. this fabric would be perfect timing. m


Holy moly! It's the frabric mother lode! Loooooving all of it! Fingers crossed!


YOU inspire me!! :o) seriously you do! always love learning new techniques from you and seeing what you have created...and looking at all that fabric...what fun could be had!!:o)


wow, great designs! !:)


Oooo...LOVE fabric! :-) So pretty and fun :-)


Hi Michelle,

When will you be teaching again? I haven't gotten to take one of your classes for soooooo long!!


That's some pretty fabric there! Love it!!!


Oh my goodness, what inspires me? Fabric, catalogs, clothing, paint samples..... you name it. Anything with a POP! of color appeals to me.

I was just in the fabric store yesterday and, even though I went in for one specific thing, I raided the remnants table and swore that I would createsomething magnificent.....


Oh id have to say what inspires me is my beautiful girls and looking at all the wonderful designs in the magazines....


I love that you include fabric strips in your kits!! I also like to make yo-yos out of them as embellishments. :) Thanks for your generosity, m! :)


ooh look at all the yummyness !! I love all the pretty colors !!

Thanks for being sooo nice

Bea Ceja

love all the colors of the fabric

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