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July 12, 2009



just wondering if our Fancy Pants rubons ever came in from the June add-on kit? And also, did you ever find us any stamps to make up for the ones we didn't get in Dec & Jan kits? Thanks!! Cathy :)

Wendy Antenucci

I e-mailed almost 2 weeks ago and have continued sending e-mails with no answers - please answer today and before sending a kit to me that I did not order and can't pay for!!!!!


I have asked repeatedly about the stamps- and every email she responds to patently ignores any mention of them!
Michelle, I would still like to know about the rub ons and stamps too.

michelle hill

MOLLY i did reply to you and about the stamps.....


You did reply, something about Pink Persimmons journal ticket- I assume it is a stamp, but we are missing more than 1 stamp.


Michelle-- so glad that you are sending usps -- WAY faster to me in Illinois!!


Michelle-- also PLEASE make sure the summer kit gets sent with the main for julys kits!! i have a scrap weekend and want to use the summer kit for sure that weeknd--first weekend in august! thx

lisa k in tx

Can't wait to see the kits in real life and the new sneak!! lisa k in tx

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