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November 25, 2009



I prefer the whole pieces, not the precut ones. That way if I want to change something I can, or if I screw something up I can, or if I just want to do my own thing I can.

I didn't get the newsletter, has it gone out yet?


i prefer the whole pieces too. precuts just seem too mechanical when putting it together.

didn't receive the newsletter either....looking forward to it :)


No newsletter still, kit was paid for though- would like to see what I paid for- Michelle can you resend it please?

Thank you!


Hi michelle --no precut kits for me - I love having the link to the minis you do though! i like working with the paper - cutting it etc!!!


Just seen the kit :) love the papers you've chosen. Great kit as always :)


Love that joyride line! I really like all the bright colors. Another great kit, Michelle! :)

Tran Quach

No precut.... i like the flexibility of being creative going along with your intentions for the kit.

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